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State Top Ten
Boys Tennis Teams
Division I
1. University School◄TEAM
2. New Albany◄TEAM
3. Mason◄TEAM
4. Upper Arlington◄TEAM
5. Sycamore◄TEAM
6. St. Charles◄TEAM
7. St. Xavier◄TEAM
8. Solon◄TEAM
9. St. John's Jesuit◄TEAM
10. Dublin Jerome
Other Olentangy Orange ◄TEAM, Dublin Coffman◄TEAM
Division II
1. Indian Hill◄TEAM
2. Seven Hills
3. Hawken◄TEAM
4. Cincinnati Country Day
5. Wellington School◄TEAM
6. Columbus Academy◄TEAM
7. Ottawa Hills
8. Wyoming◄TEAM
9. Miami Valley
10. Granville
Other: Bexley◄TEAM
◄TEAM - Denotes Team Membership


Upcoming Notable Matches & Tournaments
Apr. 1-2
Apr. 15-16
Apr. 29-30
Apr. 29-30

Top Fan Dog Contest
October 16, 2016
Charlie, Dublin Jerome - 56 Re-Tweets CHAMPION
Charlotte, Magnificat - 53
Maverick, Hathaway Brown - 19
Coco, Watterson - 17
Brisket, Dublin Coffman - 14
Dolce, New Albany - 8
Gus, Watterson - 3




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Ohio High School Tennis



Wellington Beats Thomas Worthington | Moeller Defeats Lakota West

Thankfully before we get too spoiled, it appears that Mother Nature will soak us again next week - when teams return from spring break. The breakdown of matches played by District was: Central - 6, Southwest - 5, Northwest - 1, and Northeast - nada. The close, 3-2 matches included: Big Walnut defeated Hilliard Darby; Elder beat Oak Hills; Colerain defeated Northwest; and Moeller beat Lakota West. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Thomas Worthington
Thomas Worthington - Click to team page
Among the top players, Olentangy's Stu Brdicka defeated Pickerington North's Grant Schroeder; Hilliard Davidson's Chris Codogni beat Gahanna's Jordan; Hilliard Darby's Thomas Ohler defeated Big Walnut's Becker; and Olentangy's Alex Konstan beat Pickerington North's Christian Keen. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Thomas Worthington. They are coached by Andrew Sinclair. They are led by Kai Britz and Jun-sung Park.

I was at the Wellington versus Thomas Worthington match last night taking photos. Those photos will be posted later today.

Today's matches include: St. Xavier (A) versus Covington Catholic (Kentucky); Centerville (A) versus Lakota East; Olentangy (A) versus Lancaster; and Thomas Worthington (H) versus Olentangy Liberty.

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Centerville Beats Troy | St. Edward Defeats Avon

The weather was perfect again yesterday - just like it always is during boys season.. With many schools on spring break, the number of matches this week will be lower than normal. The close, 3-2 matches included: Centennial defeated Beechcroft; Pickerington Central beat Chillicothe; Centerville defeated Troy; and Badin beat Harrison. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

OTCA Draws
OTCA Draws - Click to go to draw

Among the top players, Centerville's Josh Giambattista defeated Troy's Shane Essick; Milford's Holden Owens beat Elder's Rosen; and Pickerington Central Layton Mathias defeated Chillicothe's Max Krieger. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

OTZ plans to keep the OTCA Tournament Draws updated this season as the matches are played. It can, however, be difficult to determine if a match is a regular season or an OTCA tournament match. Please submit a Feedback or send an email if an OTCA tournament match was played. The Pickerington versus Chillicothe match listed above was the first OTCA contest recorded. Quick access to the draws is available at the top of this web page.

In the OTZ puppy naming poll, Zoey has a wide lead over Lizzy, 51% to 19%.

Today's matches include: Thomas Worthington (A) versus Wellington.

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It's Time to Vote

OhioTennisZone.com lost its favorite assistant, Trixie, a year ago. Trixie was not only in charge of employee morale, but she also sniffed out software bugs and she encouraged me to respond to email messages.

OTZ Puppy
OTZ Puppy - Click to enlarge
OTZ is bringing on a new assistant but Mrs. OTZ and I need assistance with a name for a girl puppy. You can help by voting on Twitter. The final names we are considering include: Carly, Ella, Lizzy, and Zoey.

Please note that Mrs. OTZ is an electoral college of one. She has final say since I had naming privileges for Trixie (which was the name of my grandfather's doggy).

Just as Trixie was, our new puppy is a golden-doodle, which is half golden retriever and half standard poodle.

Please go to Twitter to vote.

Many teams are still on spring break. One match that is scheduled for today is Centerville (H) versus Troy.

The weather conditions for taking photos were almost perfect on Friday and Saturday. Sign-in and view the most recently added photos by clicking Most Recently Added Photos.

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St. Xavier 3-0

The CliffsNotes' version of St. Xavier's weekend was: They came. They saw. They conquered. They ate pizza. Or as they'd say in Latin class, "Veni, vidi, vici, pizza". St. Xavier's first two matches against New Albany and St. Charles were not quality matches, but Columbus Academy not only gave them a good match but also graciously fed St. Xavier pizza.

Columbus Academy
Columbus Academy - Click to team page

Competitive matches from yesterday include: Anderson defeated Loveland and Brecksville beat Walsh Jesuit. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Among the top players, St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur defeated St. Charles' Evan Yakubov and Columbus Academy's Austin Lawrence. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Columbus Academy. They are coached by Jeff Warstler. They are OhioTennisZone.com Team Members. They are led by Austin Lawrence, Eric Min, and Michael Qi.

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And Away We Go.. | St. Xavier Blanks New Albany

It was windy yesterday but the weather was warm enough so that no one was talking about the wind chill. The three matches recorded were: DeSales defeated Hamilton Township; Thomas Worthington beat Centennial; and OTZ #7 St. Xavier defeated #2 New Albany. To view the performance graphs of the matches, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

St. Xavier
St. Xavier - Click to team page

Will New Albany be able to bounce back from this loss? Yeah. They had several players missing due to spring break and a high level USTA tournament. (Robert Cash is playing in the Easter Bowl and so is Mason's Saiprakash Goli).

Among the top players, St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur defeated New Albany's Graeme Green. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is St. Xavier. They are coached by Russ King. They are Team Members.

Today's matches include two more heavy-weight battles. St. Xavier is making the most out of their road trip to Columbus by playing both OTZ #6 St. Charles (at 9:00am) and OTZ #6 D2 Columbus Academy (at 1:00pm). St. Charles will be playing at the Columbus School for Girls (CSG) site on Cassidy Avenue. The CSG site is the best place for a dual match in central Ohio so come out and watch. OTZ will be at both matches today.

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It's time. Match play begins today.

Matches begin today and to everyone's amazement, the weather will be accommodating. To kick things off, OTZ #7 St. Xavier travels north to play #2 New Albany. Action begins at 4:30.

OTZ Launch Control
This is what's great about high school tennis. The best teams do not hide from each other. They schedule other great teams early in the season so they can assess the players that they have. Or in other words, they do the complete and total opposite of what Ohio State Men's Basketball does.

Everything is ready to go at OhioTennisZone and the OTZ data center (see photo) is ready to begin receiving scores..

OTZ will be at the New Albany versus St. Xavier match today to take team and action photos.

Other items of interest...

Please contact OTZ via Feedback or via email if you have any questions.

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Improved Team Report

Charts Charts Charts + data data data = Charts data Charts data Charts data

Charts by themselves often do not provide enough detailed information. Data all by itself can't hold the attention of short-attention span (hey, I'm talking to you) people.

OTZ Player Profiles
Over the summer, OTZ modified the Team Reports so that readers can quickly shift back and forth between the "performance charts by court" for each match and the line-ups for each of those matches. It is a really fast way to evaluate teams and determine where each of the top players are in a team's line-up.

Referring to the graphic, click on Line-up View (circled in red) under View Mode and watch with pure, total amazement as the line-ups magically appear. As you scroll down the page, also note that information for the previous year is also presented in the same way.

Use this feature at least three times a day and you'll get at least a 10 in the ACT math section. (Your performance may vary.)

Please contact OTZ via Feedback or via email if you have any questions.

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Quick Access to OTZ Player Profiles

As stated before, OhioTennisZone is not about maximizing page views by forcing fans to click on zillions of pages to obtain information. Rather, OTZ wants users to be able to quickly obtain the high school tennis information they need (so they can get back to doing homework..).

OTZ Player Profiles
Another new feature is the ability to view Player Profiles from the top page. It is a fast way to review the results of any player with a Profile.

Look for this offering in the right navigation bar.

To easily identify a player, his/her last name, first name, and school name (or a portion there of) is listed.

If you are a paying member and you want a Player Profile, but one is not setup for you, please contact OTZ via Feedback or email.

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Your Vote Matters (sort of) - Top Ten Teams

There have been many OhioTennisZone changes since the girls tennis season ended during the fall. One OTZ objective was to allow tennis fans to share more of their opinions. One common debate item is the rankings for the Top 10 teams.

OTZ Top Ten Team Voting
What could possibly be better than the OhioTennisZone team rankings? Perhaps yours. It is, however, important to mention that no teams have beaten higher ranked teams since the OTZ rankings were released at the end of February / early March..

Everyone can see all of the votes submitted by selecting Vote Results or by clicking on the image to the right. For those who want to share their opinion, sign-in first and then click on "Vote for your Top Ten Teams" on the results page.

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Columbus City League - GCTA Grant Recipient

Indoor tennis practice can get to be expensive, but thanks to a generous grant from the Greater Columbus Tennis Association (GCTA), the Columbus City Schools received six indoor sessions this winter. The program ran from late January to early March and it was held at Olympic Indoor on Indianola Avenue.

Columbus City League
Columbus City League Clinic- Click to enlarge

Both boys and girls attended these clinics. The number of players ranged from 20 to 34 during the program's six week duration. Overall, 42 different players participated. Schools who had players attending included: Beechcroft, Centennial, Eastmoor Academy, Northland, Whetstone, West, Columbus Academy High School (CAHS), and Metro. Click on the picture above to view the players in more detail.

Xavier's Amina IsmailOSU's Andrea Ballinger
The program was run again this year by Karen Eldredge. Eldredge (shown on the far left in the picture above) is a tennis enthusiast and mother to a Whetstone / Columbus Metro graduate.

City League coaches who assisted included: Bruce Duffner (West), Daphne Hess (Beechcroft), Bucky Walters (Whetstone), and Patrick Harsch (Whetstone JV). Daniel Bischoff, Beechcroft grad and current Otterbein player, also assisted.

BGSU's Emily Witt

Olympic Indoor pros who participated included Bob Gordon and Naveen Das.

The GCTA provides grants to many deserving recipients. This grant totaled $1,675. For more information about grants, click on GCTA.net or submit a Feedback to OhioTennisZone.

Please let OhioTennisZone know if other Ohio cities offer similar programs.

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Ohio Tennis Coaches Association Clinic

The Ohio Tennis Coaches' Association Clinic and meetings took place on Sunday, February 26 and Monday, February 27 at the Dublin Marriott. There were presentations, drill sessions, and awards.

Lexington's Ron Schaub Mt. Notre Dame's Niehaus
Lex's Ron Schaub - Click to enlarge
MND's Niehaus - Click to enlarge
OSU's Melissa Schaub Denison's Hawley/Brown
OSU's Melissa Schaub
Denison's Hawley/Brown
Case Western's Todd Wojtkowski Chris Johnson
Case's Todd Wojtkowski
Magnificat's Chris Johnson

The presenters included Ohio State Coach Melissa Schaub (OHSAA State Singles Champ - 2001) with Mount Notre Dame's Sandy Niehaus (Singles Champion - 2010), Gabriella De Santis, Miho Kowase, and Ferny Angeles Paz; Case Western Coach Todd Wojtkowski (State Doubles 4th Place - 2001); and Denison Coach Peter Burling with SJJ's Kevin Brown (State Doubles Finalist - 2014) and Archbishop Alter's Lauren Hawley (State Doubles Champion - 2014).

Also presenting were Magnificat's Chris Johnson, St. Francis DeSales' Mark Faber, Hathaway Brown's Greg Aten, Canton Central Catholic's Jim Thomas, Shaker Heights' Al Slawson, and Guy Parks.

Congratulations to Lexington's Ron Schaub for being named to the Ohio Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame. Click to read a nice article by Mansfield News Journal's Jon Spencer about Coach Schaub's induction.

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OTZ Pre-Season Division II Top Ten Teams

The OTZ Division II Top Ten Teams list is listed below. This list is more difficult to create because there is less information for many of the teams.

In comparison to previous years, D2 is much more up in the air this year. Teams do not have the depth they have had in previous years. D2 also does not travel as well as the D1 teams so there are less opportunities to compare teams from different areas of the state.

State Top Ten D2
Boys Tennis Teams
Pre-Season - 3/1/2017
Division II
1. Indian Hill◄TEAM
2. Seven Hills
3. Hawken◄TEAM
4. Cincinnati Country Day
5. Wellington School◄TEAM
6. Columbus Academy◄TEAM
7. Ottawa Hills
8. Miami Valley
9. Wyoming◄TEAM
10. Granville
Other: Bexley◄TEAM

Please refer to the table to the right for the OTZ Top Ten. Note that there is additional detail for players with high-lighted links. Teams with the green "team" designation will include information about all of their players (or soon will have).

Indian Hill lost Alex Warstler to graduation, who is now playing collegiately for Marquette. Andrew Pregel will be back at #1 singles. Other contributors include Pablo Guzman, Milan Bhandari, and Christiano Lima.

Seven Hills returns Nicholas Williams, who has had his share of bad District draws. Quinn Shim and Curtin Sun also return. They lost Jacob Stavsky and Zach Sorscher to graduation.

Hawken should be the top team from the Northeast District. Ryan Leizman returns and so does Michael Lee and Josef Horwath. They lost Maddox McGrae and Devish Modi to graduation. They pick up Arartik Marway and Stephanie Shulman.

Cincinnati Country Day lacks the depth of previous years. CCD returns state singles champion, Kevin Yu, and Vishaal Nalagatla.

Columbus' Wellington School returns state finalist Connor Biernat. Kolapo Dairo is also back and so is Adam Sorrels. Wellington picks up TennisRecruiting.net #3 freshman, Trevor Ball.

Columbus Academy returns Austin Lawrence, Eric Min, Sid Menon and Drew Haffer. They lost Jacob Wareti (Ohio State) and Hirsh Hede to graduation.

Ottawa Hills should repeat as the OTCA Final Four team from the Northwest. They return Tyler Gargas, Rahul Bais, and James Schwann.

Miami Valley will have a strong 1-2 punch with Colton Morehart and Michael Perevozchikov returning.

Wyoming returns Joseph Kelly, Adam Behrman, George Arenas, and Kyle Demers. They lost Chris Murray to graduation.

Granville returns most of their team including: John Purnode, Raleigh Conway, Jack Bain, and Jackson Terry. They lost Logan Evan to graduation.

Other: Bexley returns Mark Nudelman, Josh Meyer, Christian Roddy, and Leo Schottenstein. They lost Shia Saar to graduation, and Fynn Sieckmann was a foreign exchange student.

Were any teams or players left out of the discussion? If so, please state your case in a Feedback message.

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OTZ Pre-Season Division I Top Ten Teams

It is time for the OTZ Pre-Season Division I Top Ten Teams list. Sycamore was the champion for the last three years, but they will have a difficult time rererepeating. The boys will feature three extremely strong teams at the top of the list and then the ability level falls after that.

To help insure the accuracy of this list, it is important that teams play their appropriate roles. If a team is higher on the list than your team, then please lose. Just do the reverse if your team is listed higher. Again, as long as everyone simply cooperates, this list won't have to change at all this season..

State Top Ten D1
Boys Tennis Teams
- 2/23/2017
Division I
1. University School◄TEAM
2. New Albany◄TEAM
3. Mason◄TEAM
4. Upper Arlington◄TEAM
5. Sycamore◄TEAM
6. St. Charles◄TEAM
7. St. Xavier◄TEAM
8. Solon◄TEAM
9. St. John's Jesuit ◄TEAM
10. Dublin Jerome
Other: Olentangy Orange◄TEAM, Dublin Coffman◄TEAM
Note that there is additional detail for players with high-lighted links. Teams with the green "team" designation will include information about all of their players (or they soon will have).

University School is the OTZ Pre-Season #1. They return Paul Gota, Tyler (Colgate) and Drew Krantz (Bucknell), and David Buchinsky (Washington University at St. Louis). Gota will start the year as the #1 OTZ player after winning the Midwest Level 1 this winter. University also picks up freshmen, Charles Norman and Charles Joranko. Both freshmen are TRN 3-stars.

New Albany will have a super strong 1, 2, 3 with Robert Cash, Joel Jose, and Graeme Green. They also pick up senior Alexandra Cash. New Albany has a great schedule to prepare its players for post-season play. They lack the depth of University School, but if they win at 1-2-3, that's all they need...

Mason had a strong team last year, and they return Niraj Komatineni, Pranav Viswanathan, Vishnu Srinath, Charlie MacKenzie, and Phillip Krayterman. Shashank Reddy is also returning to Mason. They are expected to pick up this year's best Ohio freshman, Saiprakash Goli. They lost Sean Reid to graduation.

Now things get more complicated. Upper Arlington gets the nod with their strong 1-2-3 in singles. They return: Jack Zelezny, Jack Hughes, and Josh Cole. They lost Eric Hunter to graduation. They pick up freshman Will Reynolds.

Last year's champion, Sycamore, starts at #5. Noah Stern (3x State Doubles Qualifier), Regis Liou, Nathan Zhang, and Alex Karev return. If they get to the Final Four, you can count on them to win the close matches because they will bring every single one of their vocal, energetic students to the match to support their team. They lost Alex Taylor (Williams) to graduation.

St. Charles was strong last year and they return most of their players. Their team includes: Evan Yakubov, Jack Dabek, and Vinh Thai. St. Charles lost Sam Sullivan (Butler) to graduation. They pick up freshman Milan Gonela.

St. Xavier lost Andrew Niehaus (Northern Kentucky) and Waqas Tanveer to graduation, but they return several core players including: Peter Schulteis, Joe Beischel, and Max DeCurtins. They pick up freshman, Ronit Hiryur, who is the #2 freshman in the state per TRN.

Solon essentially returns their entire squad from last year. This includes: Vlad Rotnov, Luke Qin, and Kavi Jain along with their doubles teams. They have also arranged a tough schedule.

St. John's Jesuit lost Rajeev Laungani (Case Western) and Ryan Issa to graduation, but this team always finds a way to win. They return Alan Fahoury, Dev Laungani, Akhil Katragadda, and Ben Carter.

Dublin Jerome returns Ryan Worthen and Noah Schneider at first and second singles. They pick up freshman Anish Patel.

Others for consideration: Olentangy Orange, Dublin Coffman

Were any teams left out of the discussion? If so, please state your case in a Feedback message.

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College Tennis Commitments

Many Ohio high school players have identified where they intend to play college tennis. Others are still finalizing their choices, especially for NCAA Division 3 teams. The current OTZ list of players is posted below.

College Tennis Commitments (alphabetical by player)
Player High School / College
Claudia Althans Gilmour / Villinova
Austin Barr Kenston / Williams
David Buchinsky University School / Wash. Univ@St. Louis
Nicole Cardwell Westerville Central / Case Western
Alexandra Cash New Albany / Carnegie Mellon
Noah Connaughton Badin / Dayton
Jared Deel Big Walnut / Otterbein
Emily Dunbar Cloverleaf / Richmond
Janelle Ghanem Columbus Academy / Miami
Lauren Gillinov Hathaway Brown / Yale
Paul Gota University School / Notre Dame
Josh Hsia St. Ignatius / Case Western
Amanda Huser Mason / Cincinnati
Aris Jhaveri Westlake / Case Western
Kyra Jung Upper Arlington / Seattle
Anjali Kashyap Orange / Johns Hopkins
Elizabeth Kong Mason / Wellesley
Adam Krueger Bay Village / Vassar
Marissa Madison CSG / Babson
Jillian Milano Carroll / Wright State
Daniel Mayotte Westerville North / Mt. Vernon Nazarene
Emily Neal Dublin Jerome / Butler
Ally Persky Hathaway Brown / Wash. Univ@St. Louis
Kelly Pleiman Chaminade-Julienne / Dayton
Kayla Pukys Louisville / Kenyon
Anna Reynolds Upper Arlington / Wright State
Olivia Rohrbacher Perkins / Penn State
Molly Sandberg Hudson / Cornell
Makayla Schaefer Olentangy Liberty / West Liberty
Sabine Worthoff Mount Notre Dame / Ohio Northern
Bryan Yoshino Dublin Coffman / Kenyon

There are 21 girls on the list and ten boys.

High schools with more than one player with a college commitment include: Hathaway Brown, Mason, and Upper Arlington.

Please send a Feedback or email if you are aware of changes to this list.

This list will continue to evolve as more information becomes available.

This information was sourced by OhioTennisZone, TennisRecruiting.net, JJ Huddle, and ThisWeekNews.

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Coach Changes for 2017

There are always coaching changes occurring. Below is a list of the new coaches of which OhioTennisZone is aware. Please send a Feedback or email if you are aware of other changes. It would also be very helpful if you included the new coach's email address and telephone number.

Tennis Coach Changes (alphabetical by school)
Coach School / Gender
Zack King Bay Village - Boys
Wade Ward Indian Hill - Boys
Jason Woods St. Ursula - Girls
Will Thieman Upper Arlington - Boys
Ryan Schwieterman Watterson - Boys

This list will continue to evolve as OTZ becomes aware of additional changes.

Coach members may view the coach contact information by Signing In and then by clicking on > Coaches > List of Ohio Coaches.

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OhioTennisZone.com Top Photos of 2016

The OTZ camera performed almost 20,000 shutter clicks last year. From those 20K clicks, these 46 photos were among my favorites.

The majority of these photos are from Ohio high school tennis events, but there are also numerous photos taken during the Western & Southern Open, USTA National B16-B18 Championships, Ohio State Men's and Women's matches, and numerous USTA events.

Hope these bring back some fun tennis memories of 2016.

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USTA Winter Nationals

Ohio has its share of players in the USTA Winter National Tournaments this week. The boys and girls 16-18 tournament is located in Scotsdale, Arizona and the boys and girls 12-14's are in Tucson, Arizona.

Robert Cash Zoey Weil
Robert Cash - Click to enlarge
Zoey Weil - Click to enlarge
Boys included in the B16-18 include: Wellington's Connor Biernat, New Albany's Robert Cash, Mason's Saiprakash Goli, and University School's Paul Gota. Cash is a fourth seed in singles and a first seed in doubles.

Girls included in the G16-18 include: Gilmour Academy's Carly Cohen, Orange's Emily Dunbar, Hathaway Brown's Maddie Lynch, and Centennial's Zoey Weil.

Elizabeth Fahmeier and Magnificat's Olivia Rondini are in the G14's.

To follow all of the action in the BG16-18, click on this link. To view the players in the BG12-14, click here.

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ATP Challenger at OSU Indoor Courts

Another ATP Challenger is underway at Ohio State's Indoor Courts and it features past, current, and future Ohio State Men players. This morning's matches include John McNally (#979) and Peter Kobelt (#425) playing against Henri Laaksonen (#139) and Mitchell Krueger (#219), respectively.

Taylor Fritz John McNally
Taylor Fritz - Click to enlarge
John McNally - Click to enlarge

Other prominent U.S. players in the tournament include: Taylor Fritz (#77), Stefan Kozlov (#145), and Tennys Sandgren (#228).

For all of the information, including Order of Play (OOP). Click ATP Challenger Tour.

To make it easier for readers to follow OTZ Twitter postings, they are now included in the right-side navigation bar until the Boys Season begins.

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103 More OTZ Photos

There were 103 photos added last night from the Central Districts, Northeast Districts, States, and the OTCA tournament. Sign-in and then click to view at Most Recently Added Photos. OhioTennisZone.com now hosts over 230 photos from the Ohio High School Girls Tennis Season. I think it is a safe bet that OTZ now has more high school tennis photos than all Ohio newspapers combined.

Hayley Hirsch
Indian Hill's Hayley Hirsch - Click to enlarge

These photos have all been "databased". What this means to you is that you can go to a Team Page and view all of the photos for that team or you can go to a Player Profile for an individual player and view all of the photos for that player. It is a huge time saver and these Team Reports include photos from previous years.

All of the photos, except from States, can be purchased but I am awaiting word from the OHSAA on whether the OTZ States photos can also be sold. The OHSAA did not have their exclusive photographer taking action photos at States so OTZ is the only "States" solution for many. We'll see if the OHSAA will allow parents, players, schools, and grandparents to buy these OTZ photo memories or if they will continue to prohibit these sales.

As stated in an earlier post, the OHSAA regulates that OTZ cannot have more than four States photos on the same web page. Why not recognize five kids playing at States on the same web page? Or possibly maybe even six? This short video explains what would almost certainly happen.

I hope to completely wrap up the girls tennis season within another week. Check back every other day or so for another blog entry.

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Incoming Players: Boys & Girls | OTZ Top Coaches List (or lack thereof)

Fans and coaches like to see which players are on the horizon. This is especially helpful for the coaches because it helps with scheduling. For the boys this should not be a difficult task because many of these boys are already in high school. The girls list is always in flux until after the season starts. Both of these lists were obtained using TennisRecruiting.net.

Top Freshmen Boys (alphabetical)
Player City / School
Trevor Ball Westerville / Wellington
Arjun Brahmbhatt Westlake / St. Ignatius
Osuke Fujita Dublin / Dublin Jerome
Saiprakash Goli Cincinnati / Mason
Ronit Hiryur West Chester / St. Xavier
Charles Joranko Shaker Heights / University School
Charles Norman Aurora / University School
Anish Patel Dublin / Dublin Jerome
Chukwudumebi Smarty Broadview Heights / Brecksville

The boys list is too easy to do this year because it is too short. These lists normally include 15-20 players who are in the nation's top 500, but if this criterium was applied to the boys this year, it would only contain six kids. Instead, the top 10 boys in Ohio are listed. This list is alphabetized.

With numerous strong players already returning, University School may be the team to beat in Division I boys this season.

The 14 players on the girls list are in the TennisRecruiting.net's Top 500 players. Again, this list is very much in flux and it may not contain all of the incoming freshmen players since many girls start school early. If you are aware of other skilled players who are going to be freshmen this year, please submit a Feedback.

Top Incoming Freshmen Girls (alphabetical)
Player City / School
Madeline Atway Powell / Olentangy Liberty
Shaira Busnawi Avon
Nina Dhaliwal West Chester / Ursuline Academy
Elizabeth Fahrmeier Cincinnati / Summit Country Day
Ella Hazelbaker Columbus / Upper Arlington
Nataly Kader Mason
Hannah Kassaie Highland Heights
Jamie Kim Mason
Bella Kirby Cincinnati / St. Ursula Academy
Annie Kruse Mason
Elizabeth Pendergast Cincinnati
Sydni Ratliff Columbus Academy or Gahanna
Danielle Schoenly Powell / Olentangy Liberty
Soniya Yalamanchili Centerville

Incoming players, who are likely to be OhioTennisZone.com members because their teams are OTZ Team Members, have their links to TennisRecruiting.net included.

As for other matters, the OhioTennisZone.com list of Top Coaches will not be created this season. The main criterium used for this list was third set player performance with the idea being that coaches could significantly impact three set matches. Why three set matches? The reasons include: the competition is of similar ability; three-setters take place near the end of the match when the coach is not occupied with all five matches (hopefully); and the coach has had time to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents and advise his or her players on the best strategy. The new (great) continuous coaching rule now largely enables the best coaches to coach throughout a match.

Photos are still being processed.

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OhioTennisZone.com's All-Ohio Girls Tennis Team

Congratulations to this year's OhioTennisZone.com's All-Ohio Girls Tennis Team. This year's recipients are certainly a worthy group of players with several of the seniors going to D1 college tennis programs.

OhioTennisZone's All-Ohio
Girls Tennis Team

Division I - Singles


Mt. Notre Dame


Division II - Singles


Division I - Doubles



Division II - Doubles

Gilmour Academy

The OTZ list is a bit different than the OTCA All-Ohio team. The OTZ looks at a player's entire season and has included worthy players in the past who did not qualify for States because of unfortunate District draws. OTZ also believes that the OTCA list is too mechanical in its approach by granting honors only based on the round in which the player reached at States.

Note that players with the yellow PP tennis balls next to their names have Player Profiles and that more information is available for them by clicking on their names. Click to sign-up to get your own Player Profile.

At some point, OTZ may consider adding players to an Honorable Mention list. There are two players who would have achieved this honor this season.

Today is photo processing day for Districts, States, and the OTCA tournament. Watch for those photos beginning tomorrow.

OTZ will soon list next year's top upcoming freshmen. The purpose of this list is to not only recognize the players but to also help coaches understand which teams should be included in their schedules next fall.

Chagrin Valley Today's Tony Lange was at States and wrote this article. It includes OTZ photos.


Videos of Championship Points

It is time for the OHSAA championship point videos. Somehow the points were spaced in such a way that OTZ was able to capture all four championship points on video this season. I'm not sure if that has ever happened. In three of the four matches, the point prior to the championship point was also captured. For best results, use HD (High Definition) and expand to full screen mode.

Division I Singles:

Hudson's Molly Sandberg defeated Magnificat's Anna Roggenburk.

Division 1 Doubles:

Canfield's Hannah and Sydney Cianciola defeated Green's Maria and Anne Zivick.

Division II Singles:

Hathaway Brown's Lauren Gillinov defeated her sister, Nicole.

Division II Doubles:

Hathaway Brown's Ally Persky and Catherine Areklett defeated Gilmour Academy's Claudia Althans and Carly Cohen.


OhioTennisZone.com Usage Issue

Usage of the OhioTennisZone.com continues to grow thoughout the state and beyond. Today's entry looks at where the usage came from and what the readers liked to access on OTZ. Most of the information was gathered using Google Analytics and Twitter. The time frame was from August 7 to October 24.

Ohio Usage
Ohio OTZ Usage - Click to enlarge

As you would expect, Ohio generated the most usage. Michigan was second. (Click to view the Michigan usage map.) Within Ohio, the Central District usage remained the strongest area, followed by the Northeast, and the Southwest. Those areas of the state where there are fewer dots mean that there is little interest in Ohio high school tennis. (See usage map.)

In the metro areas, Columbus led the way, followed by Cleveland and Cincinnati. After that, things get interesting. The Detroit, MI area, which includes Ann Arbor, has more OTZ usage than the Toledo area, even though there are obviously no Ohio tennis players residing in Michigan. I keep wondering... What's not happening in Northwest Ohio? The Northwest Ohio coaches and indoor clubs need to step it up for the betterment of Ohio High School Tennis. The top nine metro areas are listed in the table below.

The top six team pages viewed were: 1) Magnificat, 2) Dublin Jerome, 3) Hathaway Brown, 4) Olentangy Liberty, and 5-tie) Indian Hill and Pickerington North. These were among the strongest teams in the state and there was state-wide interest in their performance.

% Sessions in Top Metro Areas
Metro Areas % of Sessions
1. Columbus 37%
2. Cleveland-Akron 20%
3. Cincinnati 17%
4. Detroit, MI 4.4%
5. Toledo, OH 3.3%
6. Dayton, OH 2.5%
7. Boston, MA 1.7%
8. Youngstown, OH 1.3%
9. Chicago, IL 1.2%

The top five Player Profiles viewed were (in alphabetized order): Pickerington North's Cassie Alcala, Hathaway Brown's Lauren Gillinov, Magnificat's Anna Roggenburk, Magnificat's Alexandra Vesikallio, and Centennial's Zoey Weil. These Player Profiles remain the perfect way for fans and college coaches to follow players' high school match activity. The wise tennis parents understand that these Profiles are the most cost effective ways to promote their players during (and after) the high school season. When you think about it, a Player Profile is less than the cost of a tennis clinic.

The top five OhioTennisZone.com Tweets were: 1) Re-tweet to vote for Magnificat's Charlotte as OhioTennisZone.com's #1 Tennis Fan Dog. 2) #OHSAA Sectional Draw information is now available. Click on OhioTennisZone.com for the Central District. 3) Re-tweet to vote for Dublin Jerome's Charlie as OhioTennisZone.com's #1 Tennis Fan Dog. 4) OhioTennisZone.com's Pre-Season Top 10 Tennis Team Rankings for D1; and 5) Columbus School for Girls' Marissa Madison at the Bishop Watterson Invitational. Note that the links take readers to the OhioTennisZone Tweets.

In the "Why did I run for senior class president a zillion years ago?" category, I'm heavily involved with my Miami Trace high school reunion this weekend so I have had to pivot from high school tennis. I get to go back into tennis later today.


OTCA Championships - Magnificat Wins D1 | Hathaway Brown Gets D2

At the beginning of the season, there were four teams that were heads and pony tails above the others, and that proved to be the case on Sunday. Hathaway Brown was expected to win and they did, but Indian Hill has a terrific team that returns its top three singles players. Even though OTZ had Mason above Magnificat all season in the rankings, Magnificat's victory yesterday was not at all unexpected after their showing on Friday and Saturday at States. Magnificat returns its top three singles players and Mason loses three valuable seniors, but Mason is expected to re-load.

Magnificat - Click to team page
Hathaway Brown
Hathaway Brown - Click to team page

In the battle for the third places, Dublin Jerome defeated Perrysburg in Division I. In Division II, Toledo Central Catholic beat Columbus School for Girls. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results. (This report was "opened up" so that everyone can view it, but the report looks odd because no teams finished all of their courts.)

Many of the matches involving the top players did not finish to completion, but those that did include: Hathaway Brown's Lauren Gillinov defeated Indian Hill's Gracey Hirsch; Magnificat's Anna Roggenburk beat Mason's Ananya Aggarwal and Perrysburg's Carter; Magnificat's Alexandra Vesikallio defeated Mason's Amanda Huser; Dublin Jerome's Emily Neal beat Perrysburg's Carter; and Magnificat's Olivia Rondini defeated Mason's Sanjana Reddy. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

For those D2 tennis mothers who have quietly approached me hoping that Hathaway Brown will some day have an opportunity to play Division I teams in the post-season, the OHSAA does perform another head count this year. At the last count, HB was at 292 girls and the current cut-off point is 307. Both of those numbers will likely change this year.

Keys to District High School Tennis Success
Event Northeast Result
OTZ Fan Dog
OHSAA D1 Singles
OHSAA D2 Singles
OHSAA D1 Doubles
OHSAA D2 Doubles
OTCA D1 Team
OTCA D2 Team

Ok. Fine. The Northeast District won absolutely everything in tennis over the weekend. But... While the Northeast did get it done on the courts, they failed miserably in the OTZ Fan Dog contest getting only a second and a third place. This year's winner, Dublin Jerome's Charlie, humbly stayed home yesterday rather than run a victory lap around the other doggies. Charlie's youngest sister graduates this year so Charlie will not be a repeat. The Southwest did not have an entry this year, but Mason introduced Larry yesterday who looks to be an immediate front-runner. For the parents who are not yet on Twitter to vote, you might have just time enough time before next season's voting begins to figure it out.

Photos will be processed soon so that you can have a memorable keepsake of your favorite daughter. Please consider purchasing a bunch of them.

If the Northeast does celebrate with fireworks, let's hope they stay away from that river..


Northeast District Wins Everything

Yesterday was a big day for the Northeast District and their dominance may continue for one more day at the Ohio Tennis Coaches Association Tournament in Reynoldsburg. The Northeast captured every championship and the runner-ups were also Northeast players. To make things even more dire for the rest of the state, all but one of these Northeast players (Gilmour Academy's Claudia Althans) will be back next year. Should the rest of the state just punt and just play pickleball* instead? Probably not, because these things tend to run in cycles. Still though, next year looks great for the Northeast.

Hudson's Sandberg Cianciola Sisters
Hudson's Sandberg - Click to enlarge
Canfield's Cianciola's - Click to enlarge
Lauren Gillinov Persky / Areklett
HB's Lauren Gillinov - Click to enlarge
HB's Persky | Areklett - Click to enlarge
Turpin's Fisher Gilmour's Althans
Turpin's Fisher - Click to enlarge
Gilmour's Althans - Click to enlarge

The four State Championship matches were as follows; Hudson's Molly Sandberg defeated Magnificat's Anna Roggenburk for the Division I singles crown. Hathaway Brown's Lauren Gillinov became a 3x State Singles Champion in D2 by beating her sister, Nicole; Canfield’s Hannah and Sydney Cianciola defeated Green’s Maria and Anne Zivick for the Division I championship; and Hathaway Brown’s Ally Persky and Catherine Areklett beat Gilmour Academy’s Claudia Althans and Carly Cohen for the D2 Dubs Championship.

I did not get quite as many photos as I wanted to yesterday because my focus on Saturday is to always get videos of the championship points. I was four out of four on that. More photos will be posted online soon but the shadows were bad on several of the courts.

Alert readers will notice that several photos that recognize Ohio's great female tennis athletes have been blocked from viewing on this web page. That is because there is an OHSAA rule that prohibits more than four State photos from appearing on a single web page. OTZ's stated goal is "Recognizing those who play and coach high school tennis" so unfortunately this OHSAA rule gets in the way. Readers may still see the photo by clicking on it, but it is an unsightly, clunky, awkward approach, and many readers will not jump through this hoop. When considering that high school tennis gets very little coverage from other forms of media, this is a rule that should have been changed years ago. While this rule is selectively enforced by the OHSAA, it is enforced against OhioTennisZone.com.

There have been a few questions about purchasing OTZ States photos, but I have not been able to do that in the past because the OHSAA has an exclusive relationship with another vendor. Unfortunately, that vendor did not come to the tennis tournament. Stay tuned..

The OTCA Tournament begins at 9am for Division 2 in Reynoldsburg. Division I will follow. I'm late. See you there.

* Pickleball, no. Platform tennis? Well, yeah.


Northeast Ohio Dominates at States

Following the old adage, "sharing is for others", Northeast Ohio dominated the number of semi-final State spots for Saturday. They have 12, followed by Southwest with three, Central with one, and Southeast/East and Northwest with none. To make NE's dominance even more convincing, they won all of their quarterfinal matches in two sets except for one that was against another Northeast team (in the night match).

OHSAA Under Lights
North Canton Hoover - Click to enlarge
The day's weather did not start out well but the rain ended about 8:15am and play started at approximately 11:20am. The grounds crew did a great job preparing the courts to play. It was cold, windy, and cloudy for most of the day.

The last match of the day was the first OHSAA tennis match played under the lights. That match wrapped up at about 7pm with North Canton Hoover's Hallie Hunt - Alessa Koinoglou beating Walsh Jesuit's Caroline Dickinson - Megan Hissong.

The OhioTennisZone.com/draws worked out well and were enjoyed by the fans. It has taken a long time to accomplish this, but OTZ now includes the photos of all of the State participants. If there are any names associated with the wrong pictures, please let me know or legally change the name of your daughter to match the photo (preferred). Draw usage hit an all time high and exceeded a previous boys' season high by 11%.

There are three sister combos remaining in doubles and two sisters competing in singles.

In today's newspapers, the Columbus Dispatch prepared this article. Even though Northeast Ohio had an ok kinda day, there was no article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Final Four in each draw are:

D1 Singles:
Centennial's Zoey Weil, Hudson's Molly Sandberg, Magnificat's Anna Roggenburk, and Turpin's Caitlin Fisher.

D2 Singles:
Chaminade-Julienne's Kelly Pleiman, Cloverleaf's Emily Dunbar, Hathaway Brown's Lauren Gillinov and Nicole Gillinov.

Kelly Pleiman Megan Hissong
CJ's Pleiman - Click to enlarge
Walsh's Hissong - Click to enlarge
D1 Doubles:
Canfield's Hannah and Sydney Cianciola, Green's Maria and Anne Zivick, Magnificat's Ana Lopez - Molly Bauer, and North Canton Hoover's Hallie Hunt - Alessa Koinoglou.

D2 Doubles:
Gilmour Academy's Claudia Althans - Carly Cohen, Hathaway Brown's Ally Persky - Catherine Areklett, Indian Hill's Gracey and Hayley Hirsch, and Orange's Michelle Tokman - Anjali Kashyap.

Best of luck today to my favorite players! (Based on the latest internet technologies, this sentence only appears when you are reading it..)


Good Luck at States

This will be a quick update as I prepare to leave for States. Look for @OhioTennisZone on Twitter or the OHSAA web site for any weather-related updates. The weather is expected to clear.

Remember to use: ohiotenniszone.com/draws

Magnificat - Click to team page

Today's featured team is Magnificat. They are coached by Christopher Johnson. They are led by: Anna Roggenburk, Alexandra Vesikallio, Olivia Rondini, Ana Lopez, and Molly Bauer. They are Team Members.

There were three newspaper that included articles about States. Click to read the article about the Central District by Columbus Dispatch's Steve Blackledge. Here's an article about the Northwest District from Matt Thompson of the Toledo Blade. Canton Repository's Joe Scalzo prepared this article for the Canton-area teams. The Cleveland Plain Dealer normally prepares a nice, states preview article, but there is no sign of it yet.

If you recall from the OTZ coverage on the Western & Southern, the grass parking lots at the Lindner Family Tennis Center can be a problem if there is too much rain. There was an absurd amount of rain (7 inches) during the W&S, and we have had no where near that amount over the last two days, but still be careful where you park.

Best of luck to everyone at States.



It is time for the OTZ State / OTCA Tournament Preview video. Hope everyone enjoys it and shares it with friends and family. The video/slideshow includes almost 80 OTZ action photos of the players competing in the State and OTCA tournaments. For best results, view the video in full screen, high definition (HD) mode. If you are in a quiet office environment, crank up the volume so that your co-workers will be encouraged to stop by and watch it.

Rather than jinx the State tournament by stating that the rain is expected to end by tonight, nothing about the weather will be mentioned.

Dual match play rarely takes place between Districts and States but Dublin Jerome and Columbus School for Girls wanted to stay sharp for Sunday's matches. Jerome won the match 5-0. Dublin Jerome's Emily Neal,  Erin Zhao, and Jiaqi Liu defeated Columbus School for Girls' Marissa Madison, Stephanie Presper, and Rosie Gliatis, respectively.

Click to view the OTZ Boys State Preview video from last season. In this video, Mrs. OTZ has an exciting cameo appearance.

OTZ does not benefit monetarily from the ads included in either video. The ads are used by Google to repay the musical artists.

Content from earlier in the season will be temporally removed later today. This will allow the top OTZ page to load faster while everyone is viewing it via their mobile devices at States.


Two More Days

It appears that we are finally going to return to fall weather. We were very fortunate with the weather for Sectionals and Districts and hopefully that will continue to be the case all of the way through the OTCA Tournament on Sunday.

Central D2 Qualifiers
Central D2 State Qualifiers - Click to enlarge
Northeast D2 Qualifiers
Northeast D2 State Qualifiers - Click to enlarge
Southwest D1 Qualifiers
Southwest D1 State Qualifiers - Click to enlarge
Southwest D2 Qualifiers
Southwest D2 State Qualifiers - Click to enlarge
Things are happening fast and furious behind the scenes at OTZ. It was a late night, but the OTZ States / OTCA Preview Video is almost ready to roll. After a bit more tweaking, it should be ready later tonight or tomorrow morning. The purpose of this video is to recognize our athletes who play Ohio High School Girls Tennis. I am not aware of other entity that does anything like this to promote high school tennis in their state. Please share it with classmates, friends, and family. I think you'll agree that the music choice for the video was "spot-on".

The OTZ State Draws now include the first round court assignment for the singles players. The Lindner Family Tennis Center is a big place and this should aid in getting the older fans and relatives to the courts in plenty of time. You'll notice that the court assignments do not go smoothly from "top to bottom" with the draws, and the reason for this is because the OHSAA wants to enable coaches who have more than one player in the draw to see them.

Special thanks to Lisa Gillinov and Mike Reid who provided photos of the State Qualfiers. Lisa provided the photo of the D2 Northeast Qualifiers and Mike took the photos of the Southwest D1 and D2 qualifiers. For those of you who are OTZ members, please look for me at States. You get a complementary 5x7 photo courtesy of OhioTennisZone.com.


Magnificat Beats Walsh Jesuit | OTZ Online Draws Available

Magnificat secured the OTCA final Final Four spot by finally defeating Walsh Jesuit 5-0 yesterday. The OTZ OTCA Draws are updated to reflect this. This year in the OTCA tournament, the Central District teams will first play the Southwest and the Northwest District teams will play the Northeast teams. If the teams simply cooperate with the OTZ Top Ten Teams list, this means that the final matches, Mason versus Magnificat and Hathaway Brown versus Indian Hill, will be for the championships. The Division 2 matches will go onto the courts first.

OTZ Online Draws:

OTZ Draws
OTZ Online Draws - Click to team page
OhioTennisZone.com offers enhanced online state draws which include player photos, links to the Player Profiles, and soon, the upcoming court assignments. It is safe to say that these draws provide more recognition to Ohio high school tennis players than any other high school sport has for its players (in Ohio or anywhere else in the solar system). These draws will be updated throughout the day on Friday / Saturday. For quick access, remember: ohiotenniszone.com/draws

Make sure that you setup your smartphone prior to the tournament and that you share this link with other family members and friends. It is also helpful to save your password in your smartphone so that you can easily check out the action photos for many of the players (as indicated by the "camera" graphic).

Also note that a very readable and enlargeable site map is included in the right navigational bar. You will not even need your reading glasses to view it.

OTZ Draw Analysis:

Even though this tournament should be seeded. The draws are reasonable when considering how strong the competition is this year. The analysis follows:

Division I Singles: In the first quarter, Centennial's Zoey Weil should get to the semi-finals. It is disappointing that either Hudson's Molly Sandberg or Princeton's Emily Thomas will not make it to Saturday. They are slated to play each other in the second round. Last year, they had a very competitive match in the semi-finals. In the third quarter, Pickerington North's Cassie Alcala and Turpin's Caitlyn Fisher will face each other in the first round. This would have made a great second round match. The fourth quarter is really competitive. Magnificat's Anna Roggenburk and Westerville Central's Nicole Cardwell face off in the first round and the winner will likely face Mount Notre Dame's Kelli Niehaus.

Division I Doubles: In the first quarter, Mason's Isabel Cepeda - Amanda Huser and Magnificat's Molly Bauer - Ana Lopez are headed for a showdown. The Green Zivick sisters should win in the second quarter. The third quarter is a complete guess. The fourth quarter is really tough with Ursuline Academy's Gabriella O`Connor - Ellie Foster duo and Canfield's Cianciola sisters.

Division II Singles: Cloverleaf's Emily Dunbar should get to Saturday in the first quarter. Carroll's Jillian Milano and Hathaway Brown's Lauren Gillinov should face each other in the second quarter. The third quarter is the toughest of the four with Perkin's Olivia Rohrbacher potentially colliding with Hathaway Brown's Nicole Gillinov in the second round. In the fourth quarter, it is disappointing to see that Chaminade-Julienne's Kelly Pleiman will face Hathaway Brown's Maddie Lynch in the first round.

Division II Doubles: The key to this draw is to avoid all Northeast Ohio teams. The non-NE teams that could interfere with an all NE semi-final are: the Indian Hill Hirsch sisters and Toledo Central Catholic's Maverick Delp and Sophia Spinazze.


Awaiting State Draws | Updated OTZ State Rankings

We are now officially in "draw watch" mode. [Draws now available - Click here.] The draws are expected first thing this morning, but there are a few moving parts, such as when the OHSAA received the District results. Last year, the Southeast/East did not complete their Districts in time so that delayed things. For diehard tennis fans, it is always fun to print out the draws immediately after they are released just to see how much they change in subsequent releases. Hopefully there will be no re-do's this year.

State Top Ten
Girls Tennis Teams
October 17, 2016
Division IDivision II
1. Mason - 2 State Spots ◄TEAM OTCA Hathaway Brown - 5 State Spots ◄TEAM OTCA
2. Magnificat - 3 ◄TEAM OTCA Indian Hill - 4 ◄TEAM OTCA
3. Dublin Jerome ◄TEAM OTCAOrange - 1
4. Pickerington North - 1Columbus School For Girls - 2 ◄TEAM OTCA
5. Olentangy Liberty - 1 ◄TEAMColumbus Academy - 2 ◄TEAM
6. Dublin Coffman ◄TEAMLaurel ◄TEAM
7. Upper Arlington - 2 ◄TEAMChaminade-Julienne - 1
8. Walsh Jesuit - 2Seven Hills - 2
9. Ursuline Academy - 1 ◄TEAM Toledo Central Catholic - 2 OTCA
10. Mount Notre Dame - 1Lexington - 2
Hon. Men.: Sycamore - 1, North Canton Hoover - 1, Perrysburg - 2, Springboro Archbishop Alter
◄TEAM - Those teams with Team Memberships display all of the results for their players.

Another updated OTZ State Ranking is now available. The number of spots that each team received for States and the OTCA Final Four participants are also provided. Magnificat plays Walsh Jesuit for the Northeast OTCA Final Four spot tonight.

Note that Hathaway Brown qualified all seven of their players for States in Division II. This is rare but it also happened with the Columbus Academy boys team in 2009. The OHSAA then yanked two of the four State spots from the Central/Southeast/East District combination in Division II and gave the Southeast/East their own designated spots the next season. (It is unknown if there was a correlation.) This caused the Division II draws to be nonsensical because you simply cannot have five #1 and five #2 seeds. Since there are substantial differences in talent from district to district, these draws only make matters worse. This year, everyone will want to avoid players from the Northeast and the Southwest. So... Players who deserve to be in the State Final Four matches on Saturday will not be because of the way in which the draws are done. The top four to six players / teams in Division II should be seeded.


Dublin Jerome's Charlie Wins the OTZ #1 Tennis Fan Dog Contest

Look down at your feet and remember, because this is where you were when you first heard that Dublin Jerome' Charlie won the OhioTennisZone.com's #1 Top Fan Dog Award for 2016. This is epic victory.

Dublin Jerome's Charlie
Dublin Jerome's Charlie - Click to enlarge
Charlie started out with a huge lead early in the week but was overcome on the last day by Magnificat's Charlotte. Then it happened. Just as Cleveland was crushed by "The Catch" in the 1954 World Series, "The Shot" by Jordan in the 1989 NBA Playoffs, "The Fumble" in the 1988 AFC Championship game, and "The Drive" in the 1987 AFC Championship, there is now "The Re-tweet" during the OTZ #1 Tennis Fan Dog contest. The re-tweets came piling in - probably from Russia - for friendly fluffy little Charlie who cujo'd The Championship from the Cleveland-area's Charlotte in the final 45 minutes.

In fact, OTZ had spent considerable mental resources cleverly writing how Magnificat's Charlotte came from behind to beat Charlie on the last day. Thankfully, unlike the Chicago Tribune when it had incorrectly announced that Dewey had won the presidency in 1948, OTZ thoughtfully waited until all of the results were carefully counted.

On the bright side, Magnificat's Charlotte handed Hathaway Brown's Maverick, their cross-town rival, a devastating defeat that will tarnish what was probably going to be an ok tennis season for them.

OTZ would like to commend all the dogs, their owners, and their teams for good sportsmanship because without good sportsmanship, there wouldn't be good sportsmanship.

There were 170 re-tweets in this contest which far exceeds the 68 from last year's contest when Hathaway Brown's Elle won. The final tally was: Dublin Jerome's Charlie - 56, Magnificat's Charlotte - 53, Hathaway Brown's Maverick - 19, Watterson's Coco - 17, Dublin Coffman's Brisket - 14, New Albany's Dolce - 8, and Watterson's Gus - 3.

The number of Twitter impressions generated from the Charlotte tweet was the second highest OTZ tweet of all time.

As an unbiased media official, OTZ did not cast a vote in the contest. Not to give anyone any ideas for next year's contest but OTZ was also not bribed in any manner. Hello? Marco? Sound check. Do you hear me now?

Congratulations to all contestants who participated - even Gus.


District Seeding Rounds Completed

The weather continued to be perfect for yet another day as the District seeding rounds were played throughout the state. The full district results are online on OTZ for the Central, Northeast, and Southwest Districts. A few more results will be added later today for the players residing in the Northwest and Southeast who are OTZ members.

Central District Qualifiers
Central District State Qualifiers - Click to enlarge

Centennial's Zoey Weil defeated Westerville Central's Nicole Cardwell and Pickerington North's Cassie Alcala; Pickerington North's Cassie Alcala beat Olentangy Liberty's Sidney Reineke; Westerville Central's Nicole Cardwell defeated Olentangy Liberty's Sidney Reineke; and Columbus School for Girls' Marissa Madison beat Columbus Academy's Georgia Tuckerman.

Hathaway Brown's Lauren Gillinov defeated Cloverleaf's Emily Dunbar and teammate and little sister, Nicole Gillinov; Hudson's Molly Sandberg beat Massillon Jackson's Emily Thomas and Magnificat's Anna Roggenburk; Magnificat's Anna Roggenburk defeated Westlake's Emily Peeler; Hathaway Brown's Nicole Gillinov beat Hathaway Brown's Maddie Lynch; and Cloverleaf's Emily Dunbar defeated Hathaway Brown's Maddie Lynch.

Mount Notre Dame's Kelli Niehaus defeated Turpin's Caitlin Fisher and Princeton's Emily Thomas; Chaminade-Julienne's Kelly Pleiman beat Indian Hill's Morgan Coburn and Carroll's Jillian Milano; Carroll's Jillian Milano defeated Indian Hill's Saskia Gobonya; and Indian Hill's Morgan Coburn beat Indian Hill's Saskia Gobonya.

Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

In the OTZ #1 Top Fan Dog Contest, Dublin Jerome's Charlie is holding onto a precarious lead over Magnificat's Charlotte. The winner will be named at 6pm today.


Northeast Districts Results

It was a perfect weather day in Akron yesterday for the Northeast Division II Districts. While the Central District had a bevy of three-set matches, many of the NE D2 matches were rather one-sided. All parts of the state will have the District seeding rounds today.

Michelle Tokman
Orange's Michelle Tokman - Click to enlarge

Matches among the top Northeast Ohio players include:

Division I:
Hudson's Molly Sandberg defeated Magnificat's Alexandra Vesikallio; Magnificat's Anna Roggenburk beat Solon's Alexis Ratner; Westlake's Emma Peeler defeated Louisville's Kayla Pukys; and Massillon Jackson's Emily Thomas beat defeated Solon's Maggie Yang.

Division II:
Hathaway Brown's Lauren Gillinov defeated Chagrin Falls' Ali Mazzola and Ursuline’s Lexi Tsudis; Hathaway Brown's Nicole Gillinov beat Geneva's Varckette and Lakeview's Laura Garvin; Cloverleaf's Emily Dunbar defeated Orange's Blessing Nwaozuzu; and Hathaway Brown's Maddie Lynch beat Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin's Sofia DiCillo.

Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

The Northeast District does a really nice job of recognizing their District players. Reaching the Districts is a big deal and it is nice to see this level of recognition for the kids.

Wait.. What? Dublin Jerome had the OTZ #1 Top Fan Dog contest all wrapped up and now Magnificat's Charlotte is not only close to Jerome's Charlie but has blown past Hathaway Brown's Maverick. This was not what was supposed to happen. Of course, this is why the Fan Dogs suit up and compete rather than by going with what the experts think will happen. The Cleveland-area has been starved for major sports championships and now they are on the precipice of their second championship in the same year. The OTZ / OHSFDA (Ohio High School Fan Dog Association) champion will be awarded at 6pm ET on Sunday. Still haven't received the $500 Fan Dog entry fee from everyone yet. Please get it into me by 5:55pm.

I will be at the Central District seeding round today. In fact, today's entry will be tweaked later today because I'm dashing off to these matches now.

Ok. I was kidding about the entry fee - unless you've already written the check.


District Results

This will be a really quick update today since I have to get on the road early to get to the Northeast D2 Districts in Akron. All of the results for the Central District and some of the results for the Southwest are online. OTZ will review the online draws for the other Districts and will get many of those results online.

Erin Storrer
Orange's Erin Storrer - Click to enlarge

Central District:

Centennial's Zoey Weil defeated Dublin Jerome's Jiaqi Liu and Dublin Coffman's Nethra Thenappan; Pickerington North's Cassie Alcala beat Thomas Worthington's Sarina Xie and Dublin Jerome's Emily Neal; Westerville Central's Nicole Cardwell defeated Upper Arlington's Wendy Shi and Watterson's Claire Ghidotti; Olentangy Liberty's Sidney Reineke beat Dublin Jerome’s Erin Zhao and Upper Arlington's Anna Reynolds; Columbus Academy's Georgia Tuckerman defeated Jonathan Alder's Holland and Wellington's Isabella Vegas; Columbus School for Girls' Marissa Madison beat Columbus Academy's Himaja Reddy and Bexley's Haley Wilson; Upper Arlington's Anna Reynolds defeated Pickerington North's Rhyan Cook; Watterson's Claire Ghidotti beat Olentangy's Kathleen Jones; and Dublin Coffman's Nethra Thenappan defeated Westerville Central’s Alexandria Shaw.

Southwest District:

Princeton's Emily Thomas defeated Milford's Amanda Reinhart; Mount Notre Dame's Kelli Niehaus beat Miamisburg's Carley Sickinger; Turpin's Caitlin Fisher defeated Springboro's Ally Garofoli; Walnut Hills' Lilly O`Toole beat Springboro's Anke Patel; Chaminade-Julienne's Kelly Pleiman defeated Madison's Maddie Porter; Carroll's Jillian Milano beat Summit Country Day's Kathryn Adam; Indian Hill's Morgan Coburn defeated Archbishop Alter's Amanda Showalter; and Indian Hill's Saskia Gobonya beat Chaminade-Julienne's Brianna Douglas.

Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

As for the OTZ #1 Top Fan Dog Contest, Dublin Jerome's Charlie now has a slim lead over Magnificat's Charlotte for the #1 spot. Watterson's Coco is making a strong move upward. Again sorry, quick update today. The totals were updated in the right navigational bar.


Districts | Hathaway Brown Beats Orange in OTCA

It's time for Districts. Not that you are Under Pressure or anything but this is for a spot at States.

Hathaway Brown earned the OTCA Northeast D2 Final Four berth yesterday by beating Orange 3-0. Magnificat plays Walsh Jesuit on Monday.

Columbus Academy
Columbus Academy - Click to team page
The OTZ Top Players were rearranged yesterday. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Columbus Academy. They are coached by Tommy Haddow. They are led by Georgia Tuckerman and Himaja Reddy. They are Team Members.

It's now Day 2 in the OTZ #1 Top Fan Dog Contest. Dublin Jerome's still leads the field with Charlie. In a valiant attempt at redemption, Jerome apparently created a web site to justify their pronunciation of Celtics. Seriously though - nice try - really. When it appeared that Hathaway Brown's tennis season was going off the rails, the HB peeps came out to support Maverick. They will still probably end up as the first loser behind Jerome. Magnificat's Charlotte is doing well but they are still in a familiar place - behind Hathaway Brown. Even though Charlotte would most likely rip a bacon cheeseburger out of your hand along with a couple of fingers, she really does look nice in her photo. The Ohio High School Athletic Association has even included Charlotte's adorable photo in their OHSAA Top Tweet area. Brisket went from "no where" to fourth as his people came through late in the day yesterday. Even though OTZ still does not allow betting on high school tennis, the smart money is on Brisket to come through when (if) that GIF file starts getting circulated. New Albany's Dolce is sweet but she needs a bit more Cujo in her step if she is going to end up in the top half. Watterson's decision to field both Gus and Coco may have backfired because it has essentially split the votes between both contestants. Had just one of the doggies entered the contest, it would have still been last, but it wouldn't have been last by that far. The apparent cat lovers in the Southwest and Northwest Districts don't have a dog in this fight so it will be interesting to see for whom they cast their votes. Refer to the right navigational bar for the number of re-tweets.

Good luck at Districts. Hope you get that States spot.

Um ba ba be
De day da
Ee day da


Dublin Jerome Beats Olentangy Liberty

Dublin Jerome secured the Central Final Four Division I berth by defeating Olentangy Liberty 3-1 yesterday. In another prominent match, Pickerington North beat New Albany. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

NE D2 2015 State Qualifiers - Click to team page

Among the top players, Pickerington North's Cassie Alcala defeated New Albany's Elizabeth Hancock; Dublin Jerome's Emily Neal beat Olentangy Liberty's Sidney Reineke;  Dublin Jerome's Erin Zhao defeated Olentangy Liberty's Makayla Schaefer; and Pickerington North’s Rhyan Cook beat New Albany’s Emma Waite. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Start looking for your camera because OTZ is going to post the group photos of the State Qualifiers again this year. It's best to take this photo immediately before the Distict seeding round. It needs to be a good, high-resolution photo because OTZ will retrieve some of the individual photos for use in the OTZ State Draws. OTZ will add the names of the State Qualifiers so please provide those as well. Make sure that the doubles teammates stand together. Click State Qualifier photos to view all of the previous qualifiers. If you scroll down far enough, you'll find the two, simply adorable OTZ children.

The OTZ Tennis Fan Dog contest is underway. As is sometimes the case, those who lack skills in one area, excel in another. While Dublin Jerome does not have the foggiest idea how to pronounce Celtics, they do know how to use Twitter. Their Charlie leads decisively with 26 re-tweets. New Albany's Dolce Di Lorenzo is a sweet second with six. Hathaway Brown was expected to have a good tennis season, but it's not turning out that way now. HB's Maverick is getting destroyed by his crosstown rival, Magnificat's Charlotte, by the score of five to zero. Poor little Brisket does a great job of playing dead, but the little guy may not recover this time when he realizes that he has no re-tweets - not even a like. Watterson's Gus' self esteem was already destroyed after wearing the "cone of shame" so he is probably unfazed after receiving his single "like". Watterson's Coco has nothing to bark about but she is doing slightly better than Gus with one re-tweet. Don't retreat yet because it's not too late to re-tweet. [Ok - that was awful.] Voting will go on for a few days.


Magnificat Beats North Canton Hoover | Hathaway Brown Defeats Laurel

The weather continues to hold as the season winds down. While the main emphasis now is finishing the OTCA Tournament, there are still a few teams keeping their teams sharp for the district tournament. There were eight matches recorded from state-wide play. The matches included: Magnificat defeated North Canton Hoover in an OTCA semifinal; Hathaway Brown beat Laurel in an OTCA semifinal; Dublin Coffman defeated Columbus Academy; Dublin Coffman beat Columbus Academy; Columbus School for Girls defeated Olentangy Liberty; Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin beat St. Joseph Academy; and Springboro defeated Carroll. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Magnificat's Charlotte Dublin Coffman's Brisket
Magnificat's Charlotte - Click to enlarge
Coffman's Brisket - Click to enlarge
Watterson's Gus Hathaway Brown's Maverick
Watterson's Gus - Click to enlarge
H. Brown's Maverick - Click to enlarge
Among the top players, Hathaway Brown's Lauren Gillinov defeated Laurel's Amanda Shao; Magnificat's Anna Roggenburk beat North Canton Hoover's Alyssa Koinoglou; Columbus School for Girls' Marissa Madison defeated Olentangy Liberty's Sidney Reineke;  Columbus Academy's Georgia Tuckerman beat Dublin Coffman's Katherine Wang;  Centennial's Zoey Weil defeated Whetstone's Arielle Swinehart; Magnificat's Alexandra Vesikallio beat North Canton Hoover's Hallie Hunt; and Hathaway Brown's Nicole Gillinov defeated Laurel's Katie Chen. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

The OTZ Top Fan dog contest begins tonight on Twitter. Below are the rest of the contestants:

BrisketCharlotte [Bauer] - Charlotte is this political season's real October surprise. If her pedigree is to be believed, she is slated for big things in the official doggy circles. Special credit to Magnificat for presenting Charlotte in the most appealing manner to OTZ fans. Still though - is her head tilt too perfect? Was wire used?

Brisket [Hunderpfund] - Brisket is a dog's dog. He scales mountains. He does great tricks. (See animated GIF to the right.) He represents Dublin Coffman. [Today's fun fact - the GIF image format was developed by CompuServe and it is pronounced JIF.]

Gus [Ghidotti] - Is the lone contestant from last year. Last year, Gus attempted to win the sympathy vote by wearing a "cone of shame". That didn't work. Special credit to Gus though for helping to personally train numerous OSU veterinarian students on surgical techniques. He is the second Bishop Watterson entry. [More fun facts - Gus is pronounced with a hard "G" sound and Celtic is pronounced with an "s" sound..]

Maverick [Persky] - Hathaway Brown has dominated on the tennis courts this season. Will they win the OTZ Top Fan Dog contest, too? Hathaway Brown won the award last year with its entry, Elle. Will Maverick allow HB to repeat?

The Cincinnati Enquirer posted an article written by Mark Schmetzer about the Southwest's upcoming district tournament.

The Central District will determine its OTCA D1 Final Four team today when Dublin Jerome faces Olentangy Liberty.


District Draws | OTZ Top Fan Dog Contest

Today is Draw Day, and it started yesterday with the Northeast District releasing its draws first. Central released its Division I draws late last night. Watch for more draws to be posted soon. [Update @11:15: All of the draws are now available above.]

This will be a busy week. Normally OTZ travels to the Southwest draw on Thursday, Central on Friday, and Central again on Saturday. Central switched its District tournament to Thursday so the travel schedule is now: Central on Thursday, Northeast District on Friday, and Central again on Saturday.

Watterson's Coco
Watterson's Coco - Click to enlarge
Watterson's Coco
Jerome's Charlie - Click to enlarge
New Albany's Dolce
New Albany's Dolce - Click to enlarge
The entries to the OTZ Top Fan Dog contest is now officially closed with the last second entry of Magnificat's Charlotte during last night's Presidential debate. The voting will begin on Tuesday night. The televised debate among the dogs was canceled. As a valued member of the media, OTZ will provide largely made-up introductions about each of the candidates over the next two days. Today, please meet Coco, Charlie, and Dolce.

Coco [Weil] - Coco comes close but always stays an arms length away from every single one of the OTZ employees. While you can't criticize her intelligence on this, it blatantly violates the "man's best friend" law. Bacon may help. She not only barks to support her teammates -- she also just barks. She is one of the two Watterson contestants.

Charlie [Gomez] - Charlie appears to get along with other dogs despite only barking in French. Charlie represents Dublin Jerome. Charlie is the only one who can pronounce "Celtics" correctly.

Dolce [I think you can figure this out] - Dolce means "sweet" in Italian. That's not only a nice name, but it also now means that OTZ and its fan base now knows one Italian word. Dolce Di Lorenzo is a New Albany fan. For the correct pronunciation, click here.

The voting will occur via Twitter. OTZ will Tweet each of the contestants on Tuesday night. The dog who receives the most re-tweets wins. For those kids who are not yet on Twitter, please get your most lenient and unaware parent's approval before you sign up. Twitter can be time-consuming. For parents who have yet to sign-up for Twitter, it is probably too late. You won't figure it out until December (of 2017). Voting will take place over several days.

The list of the doggies in the right navigational bar are currently in alphabetical order, but this will change to "vote rank" once the voting begins. May the best dog win.


District Draws

The Northeast wins the "First District to Release Its Draws" contest. Click "NE" above to access the draws. (These are on the same web page as the Sectional draws.)

The Central District D1 draws are here.


Ready for Districts

The Sectionals were completed in cooler and breezy conditions yesterday. Now it is time for the highly anticipated District draws. These draws will be linked to in the table above as they become available. The Central District draws are typically available first thing on Monday morning.

Sarah Jonesco
Watterson's Sarah Jonesco - Click to enlarge

The best players were all engaged in good matches. Of the matches that were included in the newspapers, Princeton's Emily Thomas defeated St. Ursula Academy's Caroline Waddell and Mount Notre Dame's Kelli Niehaus; Centennial's Zoey Weil beat Pickerington North's Rhyan Cook and Cassie Alcala; Chaminade-Julienne's Kelly Pleiman defeated Archbishop Alter's Amanda Showalter and Carroll's Jillian Milano; Dublin Jerome's Emily Neal beat teammate, Jiaqi Liu, and Olentangy's Kathleen Jones; Westerville Central's Nicole Cardwell defeated Big Walnut's Macie Kercsmar and Olentangy Liberty's Sidney Reineke; Upper Arlington's Anna Reynolds beat Thomas Worthington’s Sarina Xie and Dublin Coffman's Nethra Thenappan; Columbus School for Girls' Marissa Madison defeated teammate, Rosie Gliatis, and Wellington's Isabella Vegas; Columbus Academy's Georgia Tuckerman beat teammates, Deeksha Bathini and Himaja Reddy; Miamisburg’s Carley Sickinger defeated Springboro’s Reka Patel; Cincinnati Country Day’s Mia Masterson beat Cincinnati Christian Hills Academy’s Anna Abunku; Watterson's Claire Ghidotti defeated Pickerington North's Rhyan Cook; Dublin Coffman's Nethra Thenappan beat Upper Arlington's Wendy Shi; and Olentangy's Kathleen Jones defeated Dublin Jerome's Erin Zhao.

It is time to make a few changes to the OTZ Top Players and Watchlists. Watch for a few changes in another day or so. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Photos taken at the Reynoldsburg Sectional will be posted later today at the Most Recently Added Photos area.


Sectional Seeding Rounds

Sectionals will continue with the seeding round today under cooler and breezy weather conditions. These matches will help determine the draws for Districts next week.

The Sectional Draws are now included at the top of this page. Some Sectionals update their draws as they go while others do not. These draws will be replaced with the District draws as soon as they become available.

Pickerington North
Pickerington North - Click to team page

The Centerville Sectional results were included in the Cincinnati Enquirer today and those scores are now online.

Among the top players, Sprinboro's Reka Patel defeated Bellbrook's Abigail Schultz; Lakota West's Nicole Sturgeon beat Sadhvi Venkatramani; and Miamisburg's Carley Sickinger defeated Lakota East's Schrad. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Pickerington North. They are coached by Brian Hoff. They are led by Cassie Alcala and Rhyan Cook.

When it is breezy at our house, that means the conditions are close to unplayable at Hilliard Davidson. When it's windy at our house... Uh oh - It's windy. I'll be going to Reynoldsburg this morning for a D1 Sectional where Cassie Alcala and Centennial's Zoey Weil are both playing.


Sectional Results Available

The bad news is that the Sectional results from the newspapers are now online, far earlier than expected. Why bad? Unlike as in previous years, the Dispatch did not include the early round matches in the newspaper today. While that saved OTZ several hours of data input, it would have been better for high school tennis to have all of the results included. It is another sign of the times. The Dayton Daily News eliminated box scores this season and the Plain Dealer has only a fraction of the scores that they used to have. Of the three papers to which OTZ subscribes, the Columbus Dispatch remains the best with its box score coverage. The Cincinnati Enquirer does the best job in providing news coverage to high school tennis (but the Columbus Dispatch's ThisWeekNews papers provide solid local coverage). Update @ 11:30am: The Dispatch eventually posted the results online. Now I'm going back into the update process to include these results. This is less much fun than it sounds. Update @ 4:30pm: The Central District Sectional results are now online.

Courtney Pea
Eastmoor's Courtney Pea - Click to enlarge

If paying coaches would like to have all of their teams' results online, please use the format as described yesterday and send only those results that are not currently online. Sending matches that are already online will create duplicate scores.

There were not many competitive early-round matches yesterday. A few to note include: Centennial's Zoey Weil defeated Watterson's Gabby Kappel; Pickerington North's Cassie Alcala beat New Albany's Emma Waite; Watterson's Claire Ghidotti defeated New Albany's Alexandra Vitellas; Upper Arlington's Anna Reynolds beat Whetstone's Arielle Swinehart; Dublin Jerome's Jiaqi Liu defeated Dublin Scioto's Hrunya Ravindran; Thomas Worthington's Sarina Xie beat Dublin Coffman's Maria Sadek; Unioto's Sylvia Gray defeated Wheelersburg's Sommer; and Columbus School For Girls' Rosie Gliatis beat Worthington Christian's Amanda Mayotte. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Another reason why Sectionals are fun is because every team gets to participate. While OTZ attends far (far, far) more matches than any other media source, I still do not get to see that many teams play. More photos will be added today of players from teams that I normally do not get to watch.


CSG Beats Columbus Academy for OTCA Final Four | Liberty Defeats Coffman

Overture, curtains, lights. This is it. It is time for the Sectionals for most of the state. We are going to have a perfect weather day with a gentle breeze of less than 50mph at Central District's Hilliard Davidson. Best of luck to everyone

There were a combination of important dual matches and Sectional tournament matches yesterday. The dual matches included: Columbus School for Girls defeated Columbus Academy to earn the Central D2 OTCA berth; Olentangy Liberty beat Dublin Coffman in the Central D1 semifinal; Indian Hill defeated Springboro; and Olentangy beat Watterson. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Mariemont - Click to team page
Among the top players, Columbus School for Girls' Marissa Madison defeated Columbus Academy's Georgia Tuckerman; Olentangy Liberty's Alexis Steer beat Dublin Coffman's Nethra Thenappan; Olentangy's Kathleen Jones defeated Watterson's Claire Ghidotti; and Columbus Academy's Himaja Reddy beat Columbus School for Girls' Stephanie Presper. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Mariemont. They are coached by Doug Spreen. They are led by Grace Haffner.

Tomorrow is the biggest day of the year for entering scores into the OTZ system. Normally the goal is to get the data portion of the update done by 8:00am and the verbal portion done by 9:00am. Tomorrow the goal is to eventually finish the update at some point tomorrow eventually at some point, hopefully. Because of the massive number of results, there are two ways in which the results will be recorded in OhioTennisZone. One - the results appear in the Dispatch, Enquirer, or Plain Dealer. Two - a paying OTZ coach member or a paying parent member provides OTZ with the results in exactly the following format. Note the specific locations of the dashes, parentheses, spaces, and periods.

S.Williams-V.Williams (Westerville East) def. Sharapova-Davis (Northern South) 6-4, 6-2

Kerber (West Germany) def. Potter (Hogwarts) 2-6, 6-2, 6-4

Best of luck to everyone (especially the paying OTZ members).


Mason in OTCA Final Four | Perrysburg Beats Notre Dame Academy

Twas the day before Sectionals for most of the State. Northeast Ohio started their Sectionals yesterday, and everyone else begins tomorrow. There were 17 dual matches recorded from state-wide play. The breakdown by District was: Central - 8, Southwest - 7, Northeast - 1, and Northwest - 1. The close, 3-2 matches included: Summit Country Day defeated Milford; Harrison beat Little Miami; Ross defeated Madison; Mount Vernon beat Westerville North; Delaware Hayes defeated River Valley; and Olentangy beat Hilliard Davidson. In other notable matches, Mason defeated Ursuline Academy to earn the Southwest District D1 Final Four berth; Perrysburg defeated Notre Dame Academy; Columbus School for Girls beat New Albany; Upper Arlington defeated Watterson; and Indian Hill beat Mount Notre Dame. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Upper Arlington
Upper Arlington - Click to team page
Among the top players, Pickerington North's Cassie Alcala defeated Dublin Scioto's Hrunya Ravindran; Indian Hill's Morgan Coburn beat Mount Notre Dame's Kelli Niehaus; Watterson's Claire Ghidotti defeated Upper Arlington's Anna Reynolds; Columbus School for Girls' Marissa Madison defeated New Albany's Elizabeth Hancock; Mason's Ananya Aggarwal beat Ursuline Academy's Lynn Ahrens; Olentangy's Kathleen Jones defeated Hilliard Davidson's Ally Woodyard; Perrysburg's Emma Carter beat Notre Dame Academy’s Bella Yazji; Walnut Hill’s Lilly O’Toole defeated Sycamore's Harsitha Kalaiarasan; and Mason's Amanda Huser beat Ursuline Academy's Rashmi Rege. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Upper Arlington. They are coached by Shaun Stamps. They are led by Anna Marie Reynolds, Evelyn Holman, and Ashley Weeks. They are Team Members.

OTZ will include the Sectional results from the Dispatch, Plain Dealer, and Enquirer, plus any Sectional results that paying coaches and parents provide.

The OTZ Fan Dog contest will start very soon. OTZ is awaiting one more entry from a team that amazingly thinks it has a chance to win. To view the six dogs that are currently in the contest, please refer to the right navigation bar.

Today's matches include: Dublin Coffman versus Olentangy Liberty (OTCA Semi); Columbus School For Girls (A) versus Columbus Academy (OTCA Final); Columbus Academy (H) versus Pickerington Central; and Wellington (A) versus Worthington Kilbourne.


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