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State Top Ten
Girls Tennis Teams
October 24, 2016
Division I
1. Magnificat - 3 State Spots ◄TEAM OTCA
2. Mason - 2 State Spots ◄TEAM OTCA
3. Dublin Jerome ◄TEAM OTCA
4. Pickerington North - 1
5. Olentangy Liberty - 1 ◄TEAM
6. Dublin Coffman ◄TEAM
7. Upper Arlington - 2 ◄TEAM
8. Walsh Jesuit - 2
9. Ursuline Academy - 1 ◄TEAM
10. Mount Notre Dame - 1
Hon. Men.: Sycamore - 1, North Canton Hoover - 1, Perrysburg OTCA - 2, Springboro
Division II
1. Hathaway Brown - 7 State Spots ◄TEAM OTCA
2. Indian Hill - 4 ◄TEAM OTCA
3. Orange - 1
4. Toledo Central Catholic - 2 OTCA
5. Columbus School For Girls - 2 ◄TEAM OTCA
6. Columbus Academy - 2 ◄TEAM
7. Laurel ◄TEAM
8. Chaminade-Julienne - 1
9. Seven Hills - 2
10. Lexington - 2
◄TEAM - Denotes Team Membership


OTCA Final Four
Boys Teams
Dist Division I Division II
CEN New Albany◄TEAM Bexley ◄TEAM
NE University School ◄TEAM Hawken School ◄TEAM
NW St. John's Jesuit◄TEAM Ottawa Hills
SW Sycamore ◄TEAM
Cincinnati Country Day ◄TEAM


State Top Ten
Boys Tennis Teams
Division I
1. University School◄TEAM 4
2. New Albany◄TEAM 2
3. Sycamore◄TEAM 3
4. Mason◄TEAM 3
5. St. Xavier◄TEAM 2
6. Upper Arlington◄TEAM 2
7. Solon◄TEAM 2
8. St. Ignatius 3
9. St. John's Jesuit◄TEAM 2
10. St. Charles◄TEAM 1
Other: Dublin Jerome
Division II
1. Bexley◄TEAM 1
2. Hawken◄TEAM 3
3. Cin. Country Day◄TEAM 2
4. Indian Hill◄TEAM 2
5. Wellington School◄TEAM 2
6. Col. Academy◄TEAM 1
7. Seven Hills 1
8. Miami Valley 1
9. Ottawa Hills 1
10. Wyoming◄TEAM 1
Other: Granville◄TEAM
◄TEAM - Denotes Team Membership so extensive OTZ information is available


Upcoming Notable Matches & Tournaments
Jul. 17-21
Jul. 29-30
Aug. 12-13
Sep. 9-10






Click for:
OHSAA District Draws
CEN | NE | NW | SW


Ohio High School Tennis



Upcoming Tournaments

There are several central Ohio tournaments worth considering that are coming up.

Brian Heil
Elysium's Brian Heil - Click to enlarge
The Bernard Master $6,000 Elysium Doubles Classic - COGP is on July 8-9. This tournament will include some current and ex-college players. The entries close on July 6.

There is a men's summer platform tennis tournament at Elysium on July 8. Contact Brian Heil if you are interested in playing. This tournament will include players from throughout Ohio. I will be there to take photos.

The Elysium Boys 14, 16, 18's July Compass Clash is July 15-16. Entries for this tournament close on July 11. This tournament uses the popular compass draw approach.

The 2017 Wellington Open - COGP tournament will be held July 17-21 at Wellington. This tournament is for boys and girls, ages 12-18. Entries for this tournament close on July 15.

The Elysium Girls 14, 16, 18 July Compass Clash is July 29-30. This tournament is timed perfectly for players who want to compete on their high school team. Entries close on July 26. The girls high school season begins on Tuesday, August 1 and matches begin on Friday, August 11.

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Midwest Closed

The biggest, most important Midwest Section tournament of the USTA season takes place beginning tomorrow (Saturday) in Indianapolis. Those players who do great in this tournament go on to play at the Hard Courts in San Diego (girls) and Kalamazoo (boys). Ohio has numerous high-level seeds in these tournaments, and the players along with their seeding positions are identified in the parentheses. Also identified are the incoming freshman (IN). Click Midwest Closed to follow the action.

Reece Yakubov
St. Charles' Reece Yakubov- Click to enlarge
The boys in the B16's are: Mason's Niraj Komatineni (#1 seed), Saiprakash Goli (#2), Shashank Reddy (#25), and Pranav Viswanathan; St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur (#4) and Max DeCurtins; New Albany's Nathan Jose (#11); Wellington's Trevor Ball; University School's Chas Norman and Charlie Joranko; Sycamore's Alex Karev; St. John's Jesuit's Anish Karnani; and St. Charles' Reece Yakubov (IN).

The boys in the B18's are: New Albany's Robert Cash (#2 seed); University School's Paul Gota (#8); Hilliard Bradley's Mitchell Thai (#22); Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel (#25); Solon's Rotnov (#27); St. Charles' Jack Dabek; St. Ignatius' Josh Hsia, Sycamore's Varun Kalaiarasan and Nathan Zhang, St. John Jesuit's Akhil Katragadda, Wyoming's Joseph Kelly, Columbus Academy's Lawrence, Hawken's Ryan Leizman, Olentangy Orange's Jordan Phelps, and Mason's Vishnu Srinath.

Jamie Kim
Mason's Jamie Kim - Click to enlarge
Also playing from Ohio in the B16's are: Kai Britz, Nathan Englehart, Wilder Geier, Christopher Knight, Raj Kumar, Greg Morgione, Chukwudumebi and Onyedikachukwu Smarty, Ryan Stocker, Drew Swisher, Chester Wickwire, and Aiden Williams. Other B18 players include: Zach Beaschler, Clark Bilinovich, Tim Cianciola, Dominic Ciucci, Colten Clark, Aris Jhaveri, Colton Morehart, Michael Rutter, Grant Smith, William Sultan, Dan Thomas, Nick Williams, and Aaron Yeh.

The girls in the G16's are: Mason's Jamie Kim (#1) (IN), Nataly Kader (#7) (IN), and Ananya Aggarwal; Columbus Academy's Sydni Ratliff (#2) (IN); Magnificat's Anna Roggenburk (#5) and Olivia Rondini; Hathaway Brown's Maddie Lynch (#12), Nicole Gillinov (#19), Isabella Daverio, Megan Qiang, and Rebecca Wolf; Indian Hill's Morgan Coburn (#13); Gilmour Academy's Carly Cohen (#18); Hawken's Stephanie Shulman (#30); Clay's Madison Arquette; Laurel's Rachel Buchinsky; Summit Country Day's Elizabeth Fahrmeier (IN); Turpin's Caitlin Fisher; Upper Arlington's Paige Kompa; Toledo Central Catholic's Ava McQuillin; Dublin Jerome's Jiaqi Liu and Reagan Resor; and Dublin Coffman's Katherine Wang.

Sydni Ratliff
Col. Academy's Sydni Ratliff - Click to enlarge
The girls in the G18's are: Dublin Jerome's Emily Neal (#31) and Vicki Chang; Pickerington North's Cassie Alcala; Watterson's Claire Ghidotti; Indian Hill's Gracey Hirsch; Olentangy's Kathleen Jones; Carroll's Jillian Milano; Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy's Irene Norman; Ursuline Academy's Gabriella O`Connor; Upper Arlington's Anna Marie Reynolds; Dublin Coffman's Nethra Thenappan; Columbus Academy's Georgia Tuckerman; Magnificat's Alexandra Vesikallio; and Centennial's Zoey Weil.

Also playing from Ohio in the G16's are: Chloe Barr, Marie Discini, Alexandra Garofoli, Kyleigh Henthorn, Mikenzie Hindenlang, Taylor Kuncl, Blessing Nwaozuzu (#14), Emma Peeler (#25), Libbey Rhegness, Sarah Robertson, Angelica Ross (#29), and Maggie Yang. Other G18 players include: Molly Sanberg (#5), Emily Thomas (#11), Kelli Niehaus (#13), Claudia Althans, Emma Deimling, Maverick Delp, Laura Haley, Anjali Kashyap, Lauren Longo, Kathryn Mattimoe, Madison Mueller, Megan Reese, Amanda Reinhart, Marisa Ricciardi, Sophia Spinazze, Emily Thomas, and Sabine Worthoff.

OTZ will be going to the Closed to watch the tournament and to take photos. Look for me on Sunday.

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Top Photos of the Boys 2017 Season

The Top Photos of the Boys 2017 season are now online. This year, twelve photos made the list. I think the photos from this season compare favorably to the top photos from previous boys seasons and from the girls, but you can be the judge of that. Click to view the boys for 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014. Click to view the top photos for the girls for 2016, 2015, and 2014.

Chas Norman
University's Chas Norman - Click to enlarge
The characteristics of a good photo include: good eye-on-ball, even lighting, good action, and a non-distracting background (i.e. Upper Arlington's signs and the New Albany's porta john). I also like to include a variety of shots, such as forehands, backhand volleys, "reaching" shots, etc. Generally, it is easier to take better photos of the girls because their uniforms are more colorful and because their pony-tails and skirts depict more movement. (The optimal pony tail length is seven to ten inches.)

Unlike in previous years, all photos are available for purchase, even photos from States. In fact, I think it is now fine if you would like to purchase a States photo from previous years. Just submit a Feedback or email me if you would like to purchase a photo.

Sign-in and click to view all of the photos from this season.

At this point, it is uncertain how many of these photos will make the Top Photos of 2017 Video Slideshow. Click to view the Top Photos for 2016.

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Rising Freshmen and Their Schools

Fans and coaches like to see who the strong players are on the horizon. This is especially helpful for the coaches because it helps with scheduling. Using TennisRecruiting.net, OTZ identifies the players who are in the Top 500 in the nation. After those players are identified, it is time to figure out which schools they plan to attend. I need your help with this.

Top Rising Freshmen Boys (alphabetical order)
Player / TRN Stars City / School
Devin Boyer * * * Columbus / New Albany
Connor Krings * * * New Albany / New Albany
Anish Madgula * * Mason
Benjamin Martin * * * Canfield
Ryan Mudre * * * New Albany / New Albany
Ty Rothchild * * * * Beachwood
Charles Temming * * * * Loveland / St. Xavier
Yukun Wang * * * * Highland Heights
Reece Yakubov * * * * Columbus / St. Charles

Only schools for Reece Yakubov and Charles Temming have been identified thus far. If you have inside knowledge of which school a player plans to attend, please submit a Feedback.

If an incoming school is an OTZ Team Member, player names have clickable links to their TennisRecruiting.net profiles. (Subliminal message to incoming freshmen - don't you want to be on a team that takes high school tennis seriously enough to be an OTZ Team Member?)

The TennisRecruiting.net star ratings are also included by all of the players.

Based on where some of these players are competing in tournaments, some are likely no longer living in Ohio.

To see where the best Ohio girls will be playing, click Best Rising Freshmen Girls.

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OTZ Final Top Ten Rankings for 2017

As OTZ wraps up the boys season with its last OTZ Top Ten Team Ranking, it is also time to look forward to 2018.

The Boys Division I rankings were reshuffled in the seven through ten positions based on State and OTCA performance. The OTZ Matrix Report was used extensively for this and the teams in those four spots were included here. Note that OTZ also refers to the line-ups in the closest contests. You can quickly shift to the starting line-ups in the Matrix Report by clicking on the school "header".

The Boys Division II rankings were really difficult to determine. The seven through nine positions were very close. The OTZ Matrix Report for Division II is here.

As for 2018, readers can now see the key players who are graduating, those who are returning, and the incoming freshmen. Please submit a Feedback if you are aware of other strong incoming players who will be attending one of the top teams. This should benefit coaches as they schedule matches for 2018.

Friday's update will show the top incoming freshmen in the state. The below table will be updated upon receipt of more information.

State Top Ten
Boys Tennis Teams
June 8, 2017
Division I
Team - State Spots Key Players Graduating Returning Incoming Freshmen (TRN)
1. University School◄TEAM 4 State Spots Gota, T.Krantz, D.Krantz, Buchinsky Norman, Joranko -
2. New Albany◄TEAM 2 Green, A.Cash, Mathes R.Cash, Jose Devin Boyer, Connor Krings, Ryan Mudre
3. Sycamore◄TEAM 3 Stern, Liou, Kalaiarasan Zhang, Karev -
4. Mason◄TEAM 3 C.MacKenzie, Krayterman Goli, Komatineni, Reddy -
5. St. Xavier◄TEAM 2Schulteis, Geoppinger, Hagemeier Hiryur, DeCurtins Charlie Temming
6. Upper Arlington◄TEAM 2 Zelezny, Hughes, Schadek Cole -
7. Solon◄TEAM 2 Rotnov, Johnson Qin, Jain -
8. St. Ignatius 3 Hsia, Siciliano Brahmbhatt -
9. St. John's Jesuit◄TEAM 2 Abdul-Aziz Fahoury, Laungani, Katragadda -
10. St. Charles◄TEAM 1 E.Yakubov, V.Thai Dabek, Gonela Reece Yakubov
Division II
1. Bexley◄TEAM 1 Nudelman, J.Meyer, Hoffman Schottenstein, Roddy -
2. Hawken◄TEAM 3 Lee, Horwath Leizman, Shulman, Khosla -
3. Cin. Country Day◄TEAM 2 Yu, Nalagatla, Baker Midha -
4. Indian Hill◄TEAM 2 Lima, Bhandari Pregel, Pisati -
5. Wellington School◄TEAM 2   C.Biernat, Ball, Sorrels Griffin Biernat
6. Col. Academy◄TEAM 1 Lawrence, Min, Qi Haffer -
7. Seven Hills 1   Williams -
8. Miami Valley 1 Perevozchikov, Keller Morehart -
9. Ottawa Hills 1 Gargas Bais -
10. Wyoming◄TEAM 1 Behrman, Osha Arenas, Demers, Kelly -
◄TEAM - Denotes Team Membership so extensive OTZ information is available


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Most Team Report Viewed: New Albany

The voters of the OTZ poll on Twitter nailed it on all four spots. Per Google Analytics, the team page with the most views during the season was New Albany, followed by Mason, Upper Arlington, St. Xavier, and Sycamore. All were OTZ Team Members. See poll results below. (I inadvertently left UA out of the poll.)

Saiprakash Goli
Mason's Goli - Click to enlarge
Many coaches view Team Memberships as a way to enable multiple team members to access OTZ information, and that is certainly true, but it is far more than that. Schools need to think of Team Memberships as extremely affordable advertisements for their teams. These team reports reflect very positively on seventh and eighth graders who have the flexibility to select their high schools. These reports also encourage these younger players to work hard in junior tennis, knowing that they too will receive recognition on OhioTennisZone.

The other teams in the top 15 are in usage order. They are: Indian Hill, University School, Cincinnati Country Day, Columbus Academy, Bexley, St. Charles, Wellington, Dublin Jerome, Dublin Coffman, Hilliard Davidson, Hawken, Westerville North, and Solon. Again, all but one (Dublin Jerome) are OTZ team members.

As high school tennis loses more and more kids to lacrosse, to other sports, and to smart phones usage, coaches should include money in their budgets to promote their tennis programs. Need proof? Check last weekend's newspaper coverage of the State lacrosse tournament. In the Dispatch, it was extensive, and that makes a huge impression on parents and their young children.

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Most Frequently Viewed Player Profiles

One OhioTennisZone's most popular features is the Player Profile report. Players, fans, college coaches, etc. like to monitor how players are performing, and OTZ is the only web site that makes it easy to monitor high school results.

Robert Cash
New Albany's Robert Cash - Click to enlarge
As expected, the most competitive players are typically the ones that are viewed the most. Per Google Analytics, the top five most frequently viewed profiles from the beginning of the season to yesterday were (in order of views): New Albany's Robert Cash, St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur, University School's Paul Gota, Mason's Saiprakash Goli, and Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel.

Other players in the top 10 listed in alphabetical order were: Wellington's Connor Biernat, Olentangy's Stu Brdicka, Mason's Niraj Komatineni, Solon's Vlad Rotnov, Hawken's Stephanie Shulman, Sycamore's Noah Stern, Hilliard Bradley's Mitchell Thai, Dublin Coffman's Bryan Yoshino, Cincinnati Country Day's Kevin Yu, and Upper Arlington's Jack Zelezny.

Twitter Poll
Twitter Poll - Click to enlarge
Which school do you think was viewed the most? You can vote on Twitter or by clicking on the link below. [This poll is now over and the final vote is shown in the graph.]

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USTA Midwest Qualifiers

The Midwest Qualifiers are underway (or coming up) for the various USTA Districts. These tournaments will provide States-quality match-ups and in some cases, matches between teammates. Those players who qualify will go to the Midwest Closed in Indianapolis (BG 16-18) and in Okemos, MI (BG 12-14).

The USTA Midwest Districts are self-explanatory for the Northeast and Northwest. The Ohio Valley is unique, not only because it covers a large area in Ohio, but also because it include portions of West Virginia and Kentucky. The Ohio Valley also includes the Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton metro areas.

Stephanie Shulman
Hawken's Stephanie Shulman - Click to enlarge
Current OTZ plans are to attend portions of the Ohio Valley G16, Ohio Valley B18, Midwest Closed BG16-18, and the National Championships B16-18 in Kalamazoo.

Northeast Ohio District Qualifier BG16, G18

Northeast Ohio District Qualifier BG14, B18

Northwest Ohio District Qualifier - All Age Groups

Ohio Valley G14

Ohio Valley G16

Ohio Valley G18

Ohio Valley B14

Ohio Valley B16

Ohio Valley B18

Those who successfully compete at the qualifiers will play in the Midwest Closed.

Midwest Closed BG14 - June 24-29, 2017

Midwest Closed BG16-18 - June 24-29, 2017

A very fortunate few will compete at the USTA National Championships in San Diego and Kalamazoo (or The 'Zoo).

National Championships G16-18 - August 5-13, 2017

National Championships B16-18 - August 4-13, 2017

In the French Open Juniors, Danny (DJ) Thomas and Caty McNally will be competing. I last saw Thomas play against Jacob Wareti in the OVTA B18 Midwest Qualifier in Cincinnati last summer. On the way to winning that tournament, Thomas beat Nalagatla 1,1; Yoshino 1,1; Niehaus 1,1; and Wareti 0,2.

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OTZ Top Players | Watch Lists Finalized for 2017 Season

The OhioTennisZone Top Players | Watch Lists have been revised to reflect States and the OTCA tournament. The breakdown by District for players on these lists is: Central - 16, Northeast - 2, Northwest - 10, and Southwest - 18. Should there have been more players included from the Northeast and Northwest? Maybe, but OTZ does not have many results from these two Districts because coaches and/or the newspapers are just not as engaged with the sport as in other areas of the state. In fact, Southeast Michigan generates more than twice the usage on the OhioTennisZone web site about Ohio tennis players than what Northwest Ohio does.

OTZ Top Players
OTZ Top Players - Click to report
Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest. To view the list in its entirety, click All.

The Player Accomplishments have also been updated to reflect those players who are OhioTennisZone All-Ohio Boys Tennis Team Players and for those who reached States.

During the ten week season, the goal was to update the web site by 8am each morning. Now the goal is for me to run, jog, walk, or crawl two miles before 7am. I am also mixing in tennis during the mornings. There is still material for a few more days before updates are switched to a once-a-week-or-so "between seasons" mode.

I continue to work on States and OTCA photos.

Please keep those comments coming!


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OTZ Good. OTZ Stuff Maybe Not So Good.

What would you like to see changed on OhioTennisZone? Maybe more humor? Maybe less attempts at trying humor? Here's your chance to share your thoughts. Of course, I would vote for more bar charts.

OTZ Feedback Form
OTZ Feedback - Click for Feedback
To share your thoughts, please use a Feedback message, or if you know my email address, use that.

While I really do care about what you think, I was also very light on content today because 1) I'm starting to work on photos from States and the OTCA tournament; 2) I went to a fun graduation party last night; 3) I felt that I was rushing out too much material before thoroughly vetting it (this is another way of saying I was making too many errors.).

Please submit your comments by Monday. I'll share some of the comments next week.

The OTZ Top Ten Team lists are coming soon but I want to enhance my lists with players who will be enrolling next year as freshmen. I'll need your help on that.

I also have a few checks that I need to cash. Watch for those to hit your bank account soon. I also have a few checks that I need to cash that I have not yet received. Please get those into me quickly. Let me know if you need an invoice.

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End of Season Report

Data. Data. Data. OTZ has been hunkered in the bunker over the last two days reviewing and correcting names in the results. While I normally do a so-so job of replying to emails, even emails have been a no-no as I've focused only on this data.

One of the most difficult tasks for OhioTennisZone is to insure that the names are correctly spelled in the system, especially for the Coach and individual members. Without correct names, Player Profiles and the End of Season report do not work correctly. Unlike what the USTA and ITA have where every player is "databased", OTZ does not have that luxury. If the Cincinnati Enquirer has an incorrectly spelled name, I have to fix it or the process does not work. With over 4,500 matches in the system, that's a tough task.

Drew Haffer
University's End of Season - Click to enlarge
Coaches may now retrieve the End of Season report. In fact, parents of that team may do so as well. To access it, sign-in first, and then click on > Coaches > Obtain End-of-Season Report. This report makes a great memento of the season. Contact me with any questions.

I had one alert reader who suggested that I may have overlooked Stu Brdicka in the OTZ All-Ohio Boys Tennis Team. I agree. Brdicka has been added to the list. I also did not have Niraj Komatineni's name correctly included under his photo. That error was corrected.

I still struggle with how to handle States doubles players on the OTZ All-Ohio Boys Tennis Team. Some of the doubles players are excellent singles players and would have done well had they chosen that path to States. For the time-being though, I will only include the doubles champions and finalists.

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Presenting the OhioTennisZone All-Ohio Boys Tennis Team

Congratulations to the OhioTennisZone's All-Ohio Boys Tennis Team for 2017. This is the fifth year for this list.

OhioTennisZone's All-Ohio
Boys Tennis Team for 2017

 Division I - Singles

 Division II - Singles

Seven Hills


Ottawa Hills

 Division I - Doubles

 Division II - Doubles

The OTZ All-Ohio team list is different than others because it is a combination of how players performed at States and ow well they played during the entire year. It also includes players who would have played and excelled at States had Districts been re-seeded. (For example, D2 State Champion, Nick Williams, made the OTZ All-Ohio list last year but he did not participate at States last year.)

The number of players included on this list will vary from year to year. This year's group of players was strong and that is evident by the number of seniors who will be playing collegiately this fall. For the last two years there have been ten singles players on the Division I list and six players on the Division II list.

The OTCA/OHSAA All-Ohio list is certainly an extremely high honor, but it is too mechanical in how it is done. If a player reaches the semi-finals, he is on the first team and quarter finalists are on the second team. If a player gets an unfavorable draw in the first round, then he might not receive any recognition. Again, their list is great, but I like my approach better.

Congratulations to these players.

Slowly - more players are becoming OTZ members - either by enrolling individually or through a team. OTZ members are provided with a Player Profile as indicated by the yellow-PP. In fact, all of the Division 1 are on-board. Click on the player name to view the player's Profile.

Note how some players have photos included in their Player Profiles. Any purchased OTZ photos are shown in this manner. See Nathan Zhang and Bryan Yoshino.

This is the time of the year that many things are happening in the background as I wrap up the 2017 season.


Videos of Championship Points

It is time for the OHSAA championship point videos. OTZ captured video for three out of the four championship points. Unfortunately, I was a minute too late for the Division II championship point. For best results, use HD (High Definition) and expand to full screen mode.

Division I Singles:

University School's Paul Gota defeated Solon's Vlad Rotnov.

Division 1 Doubles:

Upper Arlington's Jack Zelezny and Josh Cole beat Sycamore's Noah Stern and Nathan Zhang .

Division II Singles:

Seven Hill's Nicholas Williams defeated Cincinnati Country Day's Kevin Yu. Williams called for a medical timeout at duece while serving for the match. He held on for these last two points but became ill immediately after this video ended.


University School | Bexley are OTCA Champions

As OTCA Vice President, Chris Johnson, stated on Sunday, "The weather was the MVP of the tournament." It was supposed to rain on Saturday, then it slowly improved. Then it looked like we were going to have to call Uber Ark on Sunday, but that rain did not materialize either. Having the entire OHSAA tournament and OTCA outdoors was great for everyone involved.

Alex Warstler
Alex Warstler
Alex Warstler
Alex Warstler

The OTCA matches were very interesting yesterday. In Division I, the University School versus Sycamore match was expected to be closer and perhaps taxing enough on University School so that New Albany could take them with their 1-2-3 singles punch. That was not the case. University School surprised fans with their strong doubles teams by quickly beating Sycamore's doubles. US then clinched the match against Sycamore at 1st singles.

In the match against New Albany, US quickly won 1st dubs with the team of Tyler Krantz and Danny Godes and on 3rd singles by Drew Krantz. The clincher was at 2nd doubles by Chas Norman and Charlie Joranko. On courts 1 and 2, New Albany's Robert Cash had a one set lead over Paul Gota and NA's Nathan Jose and University's David Buchinsky were in a tight, 6-5 match before the match ended.

In Division II, the major match of the day was expected to be Cincinnati Country Day versus Hawken School, but Bexley did not get that InstaGram. The CCD - Hawken match was a battle and it ended when Hawken won on 3rd singles and 2nd dubs almost simultaneously. Not that anything was verbally communicated, but the celebration after that match felt like "the celebration" for winning the D2 crown. The Bexley versus Hawken match felt more like a formality until Bexley quickly won the first set in second dubs. It was a "Wait.. What?" moment. Bexley then also went up on 1st dubs getting the first set.

The eventual order of finish was: Bexley's Noah Hoffman and Aaron Young won 2nd dubs; Hawken's Josef Horwath won 3rd singles; Bexley's Christian Roddy won 2nd singles (but not before Roddy's serving hand went into severe cramp mode); Hawken's Stephanie Shulman won first singles in a great three set match; and finally, Bexley's Josh Meyer and Leo Schottenstein beat Hawken's first dubs team in a three-setter for the clinch. Again, all of the results are under "Previous Day Match Results" in the drop down link above. (Don't forget to use the "Line-up View" mode to see the player line-ups.)

In the third/fourth matches, Sycamore defeated St. John's Jesuit and Cincinnati Country Day beat Ottawa Hills.

The Reynoldsburg restroom situation was greatly improved this year by the opening of the restrooms in the newer, north facility. That had not been done for previous OTCA Tournament matches. That also doubled the number of toilets from two to four - until one of them went into a "plugged, overflow" situation. That was the closest thing to a water problem that we had all weekend.

I took quite a few photos yesterday and at States, but I will not be processing many because that is also very time consuming. My approach this year has been to post one really good photo of each player, rather than multiple photos. If you are planning to purchase a photo, please let me know via email or Feedback and I will crop/color correct/etc. several photos of your son to review. Most parents buy multiple photos after viewing them. Don't forget that the digital photo may also be used on TennisRecruiting.net.

The matches are done for the high school season, but there will still be a few days of catchup work on OhioTennisZone. It looks like I may even have to move Bexley higher in the end-of-season OTZ rankings.. Since Mrs. OTZ does not read this blog (despite her free membership), I may even try to stretch it out for a few more days after that.

[Clinch corrections provided by David Joranko.]

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Great States Finales | OTCA Tournament Starts Outside

The three Districts with players in the semi-finals all took home a big prize. The Southwest District won the D2 singles and doubles championships thanks to the efforts of Seven Hills' Nicholas Williams and Cincinnati Country Day's Vishaal Nalagatla and Justin Baker. University School's Paul Gota won the D1 Singles crown for the Northeast. The Central District's Jack Zelezny and Josh Cole of Upper Arlington won the Division I Double Championship.

Paul GotaUA's Cole-Zelezny
Nick WilliamsOSU's Andrea Ballinger

All of the results are included in the player records, plus they are also in the OhioTennisZone Online Draws.

Many have requested that the tournament be "spread out" so that fans can watch more players compete. Thanks to the efforts of Cincinnati Country Day's Kevin Yu and Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel the fans got their wish. The Yu-Pregel match took three hours and 55 minutes before Yu won the match in a third set tiebreaker.

Rain threatened play for most of the morning and there were occasional raindrops, but it never stopped play. The tournament was backed up by the Yu-Pregel match, but it still wrapped up at a very respectable 4:30pm.

Yesterday's OTZ usage broke the previous record by 31% versus the same day as last year.

Unlike as in previous year's, all OhioTennisZone States photos are for sale.

See you at the OTCA Tournament! [And I'm already late...]

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OTCA Tournament Checklist | OTCA Tournament Starts Outdoors

It is still unclear where the OTCA Tournament will be held on Sunday. [It will start outdoors at the Reynoldsburg Summit Campus.] Here are handy checklists for each site.

Checklist for the OTCA Tournament if outdoors at Reynoldsburg:

Checklist for Olympic Indoor:

Olympic Indoor is the primary club which our kids attended as juniors.

OhioTennisZone has already sold out of all of the "Go to the Front of the Line" passes for the restrooms.

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Day One Finished

A perfect weather day and great tennis was a good reason to get a day off of school or work. By District, Central now has six spots in the semi's while the Northeast and Southwest both have five. All of the results are posted in the OTZ Online Draw. Yesterday's usage of the draws broke all records.

All of the results are also included under the player records.

OTZ had interviews with four of the senior semi-finalists during the season. Click to read the interviews with Sycamore's Noah Stern, Hilliard Bradley's Mitchell Thai, University School's Paul Gota, and Solon's Vlad Rotnov.

Bryan Yoshino
Coffman's Bryan Yoshino - Click to enlarge

Today's update is super quick because I need to get on the road.

See you at States.


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Yes, Everyone, It's Time for States.

Ok. Here we go. On with the show, this is it.

Site Map
Site Map - Click to enlarge
Here's a good checklist.

Top Ten Teams
OTZ Top Teams - Click to enlarge
The Top Players were re-arranged. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

The order of the OTZ Top Ten Teams were also re-shuffled. Note that the number of State Spots that each team earned is included to the right of the team. The green Team indicator means that the team is supporting OhioTennisZone by purchasing a Team Membership. Note that "clickable" links are included in the right-navigation bar.

I think that I will have time to take a few more photos tomorrow, but ask me when you see me. Note that if you ask for me to take a photo of your son, I expect you to buy at least one photo. Taking photos of doubles players is far more time consuming.

Note that I posted an interview with Solon's Vlad Rotnov last night. It is immediately below today's posting.

There was an article in the Columbus Dispatch about States. Click to read.

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OTZ Interview: Solon's Vlad Rotnov

OTZ's last interview of the season is with Vlad Rotnov. Rotnov is a senior at Solon and he will start OHSAA States tomorrow on Center Court at the Lindner Family Tennis Center. He will play against Olentangy's Stu Brdicka.

Vlad Rotnov
@ '16 States - Click to enlarge
During an interview conducted on May 15, Rotnov's described his playing style as "I'm not a super aggressive baseliner but I like to play on all parts of the court. I'd say that just waiting for a good rally ball from the baseline and taking any opportunity to move in is how I like to play." He added, "I don't wait for them to make errors but I try to make them make errors. I don't like losing points easily just because I'm not consistent."

He views his first serve and his forehand as his weapons. His first serve would be clocked at approximately 100mph.

After an early stint in hockey, which his older brother played, Rotnov started playing tennis. He began tennis at eight years old, and he enjoyed it but he did not have early success. His success began after he really started practicing at age 12. He also found that he really enjoyed competing and traveling with his friends.

Vlad Rotnov TRN Ranking
Rotnov's TRN Rankings (lower is better)
Rotnov is on a positive trajectory with his TennisRecruiting.net rankings as shown in the graph on the right. His ranking of 477 in 2014 has slowly improved to his current highest ranking of 200. His Universal Tennis Rating is at 11.66 and his OTZ player ranking is fourth.

Rotnov attributes his success to his demeanor. "I was struggling with staying super cool on the court and just forgetting about misses. ... I would think about it too much or get too upset or mad, and now I don't show it at all. .. That has allowed me to make many more balls and just enjoy the game a lot. Now I like practicing a lot more and that is all that I can think about."

Rotnov's parents are Alexander and Lana. His father is a building contractor and his mother works as a buyer at a shoe retailer. His father plays some tennis during the summer. His brother, Sergei, lives and works in Columbus as an IBM software engineer.

Rotnov is a math/science guy and he is interested in bio-chemistry and bio-med engineering. He took one AP course in high school - AP Spanish.

In addition to Denison, Rotnov was considering the University of Toledo and the College of Wooster as college choices. He choose Denison for several reasons. He stated, "My high school is pretty small. Our graduating class is 400 students and the whole school itself is about 1,700 students so Denison is a little bit of a step up with 2,300 students. It's a little bit bigger, it is a small town campus, and it is close to Columbus where my brother lives. They have a good academic program and they are going to have a very good tennis team." Rotnov also said that he really likes the chemistry of the tennis team. Rotnov will join fellow freshmen, Hilliard Bradley's Mitchell Thai, Ottawa Hill's Tyler Gargas, and Granville's John Purnode on the Denison team.

In his off time, he likes to swim, go to the gym, and ride his bike. As for the social networks, he uses SnapChat and InstaGram.

OTZ asked Solon coach, Jim Elwing, for a few words about Rotnov. He shared, "Vlad is a four year letterman at Solon High School. While playing #3 singles his freshman year he compiled a 22-5 record winning 10 matches 6-0, 6-0. His sophomore year he played #2 singles with a 24-2 record. He led the team playing #1 his junior and senior year going 48-6, plus reaching the state tournament both years. Vlad is a super kid, he is such a hard worker and really knows how to stay focused on his goals."

When asked what type of photo he would like for me to take of him, Rotnov said, "I really like running forehands". I asked if he thought that his opponents would cooperate with a shot that would give him a running forehand, Rotnov joked, "I'll leave that corner open..."

States begins tomorrow at 9am. See you there.


OhioTennisZone States / OTCA Preview Video

Yo. If your video playing device has an audio setting called "GE Jet Engine" or "Beyond the Threshold of Pain", that's a great place to start because it is time to watch the OhioTennisZone.com State / OTCA Tournaments Preview Video. Using a high volume setting is also a great way to make co-workers on the upper and lower floors aware that your son is playing this weekend. This year's video has 63 action photos and a few video segments. I try to get photos of all of the top players each year, but that does not always work out because of rain cancellations and scheduling issues. While the great majority of the photos are from this spring, there are a few that date back to the 2015 season.

There is too much OTZ content to include and not enough days to run it before States, so today will include at least one more update. Tomorrow's edition will also be posted later tonight so I can leave for Mason early tomorrow morning. An interview with Solon's Vlad Rotnov will be posted later today.

The Top Players will be rearranged later this morning. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

The Top Teams in the state will also be re-shuffled later today. Note that the Final Four teams are listed in the right-side navigation bar.

All of the player photos on the OTZ Online Draws are now set so that they can be viewed by all of the fans. Please make sure that you include the link to the draws on your smartphone. The URL has been shortened to ohiotenniszone.com/draws.

Note that the OTZ draws have tomorrow's court assignments included. Many grandparents would never consider going to the Western & Southern Tournament because of the vast amount of walking involved, but they do want to watch their grandchild play at States. Hopefully the court assignments will make it easier for them to get around the facility without as much effort. The court assignments are courtesy of Tim Voegeli.

There are still a few openings for photos tomorrow. If you want an official OTZ photo of your son playing at States, please submit a Feedback or email me. Any photos purchased will also be viewable by all on OhioTennisZone. Also note that any photos in today's video may also be purchased.

Note that the video may include advertising. OTZ does not benefit monetarily from the advertising. It does, however, help compensate the artists for their music. I am very grateful that I can use popular music for these videos; otherwise, I probably would not create them. You may turn off the advertising if you wish.

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Final Four Set: US > Solon | Sycamore > Mason | CCD > Indian Hill

The last three spots for the Final Four were claimed last night. In those matches, University School defeated Solon; New Albany beat Upper Arlington; Cincinnati Country Day defeated Indian Hill; and Sycamore beat Mason. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results. (I am awaiting box scores from the Sycamore versus Mason match.)

New Albany
New Albany - Click to team page
Among the top players, New Albany's Robert Cash defeated Upper Arlington's Jack Zelezny; University School's Paul Gota beat Solon's Vlad Rotnov; Cincinnati Country Day's Kevin Yu defeated Indian Hill's Pablo Guzman; New Albany's Joel Jose beat Upper Arlington's Josh Cole; Cincinnati Country Day's Vishaal Nalagatla defeated Indian Hill's Gautham; Solon's Luke Qin beat University School's David Buchinsky; and Cincinnati Country Day's Manav Midha defeated Indian Hill's Maanas Pisati. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is New Albany. They are coached by Marc Thomas. They are Team Members. They are led by Robert Cash, Nathan Jose, and Graeme Green.

The song? Picked. The photos? Taken. OTZ is now crunching on the official OhioTennisZone States | OTCA Preview Video Slideshow. Click for last year's Boys State video. If you really need to procrastinate today, click to view the 2016 Girls States video, 2015 Boys States, and 2015 Girls States videos.

The first of the newspaper articles about States was included in the Cincinnati Enquirer. Click to read this article by Mark Schmetzer. If your paper has a States article that includes quotes, feel free to forward it to OTZ via Feedback or email.

Interested in getting a States photo of your son? Submit a Feedback or send me an email. With all 32 singles players going on court at the same time, I have to have a plan to insure that I get to your son's court. I'm taking between 15-20 requests but I am taking photos in the order in which I receive the request. (I am also hoping that several of the players win their first round matches...) Please get your request into me asap.

Do not be alarmed if your son loses in the first round of States today. The online OTZ Draw Sheet is being prepped and tested. I actually have to practice entering the results so that I can enter them quickly at States. Of course, if your son wins States today, you might want to get a screen shot just in case it doesn't happen on Saturday.

The NCAA Singles and Doubles tournaments are now beginning. To read this Columbus Dispatch article by Bill Rabinowitz, click Torp and Francesca. Coach Melissa Schaub was also named ITA National Coach of the Year.

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St. John's Jesuit and Ottawa Hills in Final Four

Two teams from the Northwest District are making their hotel reservations at Reynoldsburg. St. John's Jesuit defeated St. Francis DeSales, 3-0, and Ottawa Hills beat Lexington, 3-2. Click to view all of the OTCA Tournament draws to-date.

St John's Jesuit
St John's Jesuit - Click to team page
Among the top players, St. John's Jesuit's Akhil Katragadda defeated St. Francis DeSales' Minor and St. John's Jesuit's Dev Laungani beat St. Francis DeSales' DeVaney. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is St. John's Jesuit. They are coached by Jim Davis. They are Team Members. They are led by Alan Fahoury, Dev Laungani, and Akhil Katragadda.

The Ohio State Men's and Women's programs got beat yesterday in great matches by the scores of 4-2 and 4-3, respectively. I am normally not a fan of live-Tweeting match scores, but one volunteer, Lisa Stone of Parenting Aces (@ParentingAces), kept everyone riveted with her constant updates of the OSU Women's match. The event was supposed to have Live Scoring, but it was minutes late. The live scoring also did not include game scores. The women's match finished at midnight. Click to read the Columbus Dispatch article about the OSU's matches.

Interested in purchasing a States photo of your son (or daughter)? Submit a Feedback or send me an email.

Special thanks to Anthony Clouse of Logan Elm. He provided seven State Qualifier photos for the Southeast District. OTZ now has photos for 88% of the State Qualifiers for the OTZ State Draws. Again, I do not believe that any high school sport in Ohio (or anywhere else) has the photos of their State Qualifiers. These draws will be "opened up" so that everyone can view the photos of all of the players on Thursday night.

All of the remaining OTCA District Finals will be held tonight.

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OHSAA Draws Now Available

It's here. It's States week. Things really speed up now. The other Final Four spots will be determined by tomorrow night. OTZ also begins work on the State / OTCA Tournament Preview video slide-show today.

Click for the OTZ State draws. [Updated 1:30pm]

Drew Haffer
Southwest District Division 1 - Click to enlarge
Drew Haffer
Northeast District Division 1 - Click to enlarge
Drew Haffer
Northeast District Division 1 (5th/6h) - Click to enlarge
Drew Haffer
Northeast District Division 2 - Click to enlarge

The OTZ State Qualifier List is ready to turn into the OTZ State Draw Sheet as soon as the information is obtained from the Ohio High School Athletic Association. I think this is the first time that the photos for all of the players in the Division I singles and doubles draws have been included before the tournament. The plan is to take photos for the Division II players that I am missing while I am at States. Please help out OTZ by making sure that the names match the players in today's State Qualifier photos.

OhioTennisZone now intends to sell photos from States. Because I am already super busy at the tournament with the online draws, you will need to pre-order a digital photo to insure that I take a photo of your son (or daughter). If you want on this list, you are agreeing to buy at least one photo. It's first come, first serve, except for those who have already purchased photos from me this season. They get moved to the top of the list. I think I will have time to take photos of between 15 and 20 players and I already have four orders. If the tournament goes indoors, all bets are off with the photos. Contact me via Feedback or email to get on the list.

States are a family thing with grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and illegitimate service dogs in attendance. If you have everyone assembled and you see me racing around, please ask me to take a photo of your family. If you have already pre-ordered a photo from me, I'll throw in this photo for free.

Why am I selling photos this year? The previous, exclusive photographer simply could not make enough money to continue with this service. There is less demand for photos, plus some parents and players were evil enough to grab the professional photos and remove the watermarks. Stealing a photo is no different than shoplifting a $20 item from a store shelf. You just can't do it.

In previous years, OTZ has provided 5x7 prints of the State Qualifier Photos to OTZ Members free of charge. I would race around during the first round of play with my box of photos and distribute them. Since I now plan to take photos, I cannot do this. Instead, I will be making high-resolution State Qualifier photos available (without the copyright) for download. You may print it, put it on Facebook, place it in a digital frame, etc. These are for your personal use only. They cannot be sold and they cannot be included in a media publication. If you have been a long term customer and you really want a 5x7 print, please contact me via email.

Go ahead and hit your 130mph serve. Tennis stringer extraordinaire, Alann Leinwohl, will be at the OHSAA and OTCA tournaments to string racquets. He can be reached at the tournament (and prior to the tournament) by calling 614-902-0927.

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District Seeding Rounds Finished - Awaiting State Draws

Somehow in some way all of the Districts completed their seeding rounds yesterday. The results from the Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest are also now online. The order of finish of all of the seeds are soon going to be included on OhioTennisZone in the OTZ State Qualifier List.

Central D1 State Qualifiers
Central D1 State Qualifiers - Click to enlarge
OhioTennisZone recognizes Ohio high school tennis players more than what any other state in the universe does for its high school tennis athletes. Now is the time when the best players in Ohio get recognized state-wide for their efforts by the fans, other players, parents, and coaches. But.. It's a two way street. For the players, coaches, and clubs who never made the effort to sign-up for an OTZ membership, you get far less recognition than what you otherwise would. You can imagine how you would look on the OTZ State Qualifier List (and the upcoming draw) by looking at the other players. Note how all of their results are included. Yours are not. If you were an OTZ member, you could also sign-in and see the action photos. But.. You can't. Mr. Lebowski summarizes the situation in this insightful video clip.

Central D2 State Qualifiers
Central D2 State Qualifiers - Click to enlarge

All of the State Qualifier District photos will soon be online. Special thanks to Sycamore's Linda Stern, Hawken's Marc and Nancy Leizman, and NEDAB's Mike McGee. I may need assistance before I can add names to all of the photos.

The results from the District Singles finals in each of the Districts were:

Central: New Albany's Robert Cash defeated Hilliard Bradley's Mitchell Thai and Wellington's Connor Biernat beat teammate, Trevor Ball.

Northeast: Ottawa Hill’s Tyler Gargas defeated Ada’s Zach Beaschler and Perrysburg’s Ben Weider beat St. Frances DeSales’ Greg Leroux.

Northwest: University School's Paul Gota beat Solon's Vlad Rotnov and Cloverleaf's Austin Hanna defeated Bay's Adam Krueger.

Southwest: Mason's Saiprakash Goli defeated teammate, Niraj Komatineni, and Seven Hills' Nicholas Williams beat Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel.

For the doubles results, click on the OTZ State Qualifier List.

Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

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District Seeding Rounds

More players earned the right to participate in States yesterday when the Northeast District Division 2 players competed. The results for those players are now online and the players have also been added to the State Qualifiers List. The Northwest State Qualifiers and the remaining Northeast qualifiers will be determined today.

Granville - Click to team page
Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Granville. They are coached by Keith Mullins. They are Team Members. They are led by John Purnode and Elia Martinelli. [Individual photos to be added later today.]

I will be at the Central District seeding round at Upper Arlington.

The State Qualifier List will be updated later today with the results from the seeding round. It will also include more player photos thanks to the efforts of several parent photographers.

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Hawken in Final Four | State Qualifers Set for Central and Southwest

State Qualifiers are set for the Central and Southwest Districts. There are still qualifier spots for the Northwest and Northeast Districts in play. To view the singles and doubles players who are currently set to play at States, click OTZ State Players. More players will be added as the information becomes available. (Note that while this information is included in a draw format, it is not the draw. The information is ordered as it is on the District draw sheets.)

Rain forced the Southwest District to get off to a late start. The boys went on-court at 10:30am and the matches were wrapped up by 4:30pm. It was hot day and one player could not finish after getting cramps.

In the OTCA Tournament, Hawken booked a ticket to Reynoldsburg by beating Orange, 4-0.

Drew Haffer
Sycamore's Kalaiarasan- Click to enlarge

Among the top players in the Central District, Hilliard Bradley's Mitchell Thai defeated New Albany's Chris Mathes; and Westerville North's Daniel Mayotte; New Albany's Robert Cash beat Olentangy's Alex Konstan and Mount Vernon's Ben Camara; Olentangy's Stu Brdicka defeated Thomas Worthington's Kai Britz; Dublin Coffman's Bryan Yoshino beat Dublin Jerome's Ryan Worthen and New Albany's Alek Jacoby; Wellington's Connor Biernat defeated Columbus Academy's Drew Haffer; and Wellington's Trevor Ball beat Granville's John Purnode.

In the Southwest District, Mason's Niraj Komatineni defeated Turpin's Grant Wendel; St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur  beat Mason's Vishnu Srinath and Kettering Fairmont's Murad Nawaz; Mason's Saiprakash Goli defeated Centerville's Brandon Valley; Sycamore's Regis Liou beat Centerville's Josh Giambattista; Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel defeated Badin's Noah Connaughton; Seven Hills' Nicholas Williams beat Cincinnati Country Day's Manav Midha; and Cincinnati Country Day's Kevin Yu defeated Miami Valley's Colton Morehart.

Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

OhioTennisZone needs State Qualifier pictures if your players want to be recognized on OTZ. I will take the photos for the Central District and Sycamore's Linda Stern will get photos for the Southwest. It is easy to do this. Just ask the tournament director to gather the players ten minutes before they go onto the court. Many other parents will also scramble for their cameras to get this great photo memory. These photos will also be used in the OTZ online draw sheet. (See above.)

The Northeast District Division II plays today. When all of the Northeast and Northwest results are entered on the draw sheets, those scores will be included on OhioTennisZone.

In NCAA play, Ohio State won their match against Oklahoma. CCD's JJ Wolf clinched the win for OSU. Click to read more. The OSU Women play at noon today.

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Districts - Who is Going to Play at States?

It's time for Districts. Not that you are Under Pressure or anything but today is for a spot at States.

Um ba ba be
De day da
Ee day da

Hawken - Click to team page
Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is the Hawken School. They are coached by Brian Smallwood. They are Team Members. They are led by Ryan Leizman, Michael Lee, and Stephanie Shulman.

Remember that OTZ wants to include pictures of all of the State Qualifiers in the OTZ States Preview Video. I need helpful parents to email me a high-resolution image of *all* of their Divisions' State Qualifiers, not just of their teams' qualifiers. Click to view photos from previous years.

This is also a huge day for college tennis. Click to read about the upcoming Ohio State Men's match against Oklahoma.

Time for OTZ to get on the road. I'm going to Lindner Family Tennis Center to eat McNasty's food and hopefully watch tennis matches.

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Bexley in Final Four

The OTCA Final Four has its first entry. Bexley defeated Columbus Academy in a close, 3-2, match. In other OTCA matches, St. John's Jesuit beat Perrysburg; New Albany defeated St. Charles; and Solon beat Copley. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Worthington Christian
Worthington Christian - Click to team page
Among the top players, New Albany's Robert Cash defeated St. Charles' Milan Milan Gonela; Columbus Academy's Austin Lawrence beat Bexley's Mark Nudelman; Perrysburg's Ben Weider defeated St. John's Jesuit's Alan Fahoury. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Worthington Christian. They are coached by Justin Bays. They are Team Members. They are led by Ben Kindberg, Chris Tsibouris, and Ajai Smith.

The Sectional results for the Northeast were added this morning for OTZ members. The results for the Southeast will be added tomorrow.

There will not be many (if any) matches tonight as teams prepare for Districts. OTZ plans to be at the ATP site tomorrow for the Southwest Division 1 and Division 2 Districts.

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More Awful Southwest District Draws

Same story. Different year. Luck always play a role in who goes to States, but it should never play a major role. Unfortunately that is the way it has been in the Southwest District for years. Everyone can recall top players who did not get to participate in States because of an awful, horrendous draw. That's why OhioTennisZone's All-Ohio Team includes players from the Southwest who do not even participate in States (i.e. Deepak Indrakanti in 2014, Nick Williams in 2016). There have been times when a school's #2 doubles team goes to States but not that school's #1 team because of bad draws.

It is in the best interest of the kids and the sport to fix this District draw mess. When can this happen? A quick solution would be to have the #1's and #2's from Mason and Cincinnati Sectionals to never meet in Districts. Could that be made to happen? Sure. The OHSAA pitted the #1 and #2 players of the Central and Southwest Districts in the second round of States for over 10 straight years. I pointed this out in an old document that I created back in 2008 before OhioTennisZone even existed, and this practice continued for several more years. Click to view that analysis document. The "fix" could go into effect next year or in two years, but something needs to be done. Overtime, this is the type of thing that causes players (and families) to shift into other sports.

Jack Zelezny
Upper Arlington's Jack Zelezny - Click to enlarge
In addition to the awful draws, there was actually other news yesterday. In OTCA play, Cincinnati Country Day defeated Miami Valley; Upper Arlington beat Dublin Jerome; and University School defeated St. Ignatius. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results. Click to view the OTCA Tournament Draws.

Among the top players, University School's Paul Gota defeated St. Ignatius' Josh Hsia; Cincinnati Country Day's Kevin Yu beat Miami Valley's Colton Morehart; Cincinnati Country Day's Vishaal Nalagatla defeated Miami Valley's Michael  Perevozchikov; and Upper Arlington's Josh Cole beat Dublin Jerome's Anish Patel. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Special thanks to Matt Sexton for the links to the Southwest District draws. As of Tuesday morning, the draws were still not up on the Southwest site.

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OTZ Interview: University School's Paul Gota | District Draws

In the series of OTZ interviews with several of the top seniors in the state, today's interview is with Paul Gota. Gota will graduate from University School and he is ranked third in Ohio on OhioTennisZone.com. Gota is a TennisRecruiting.net 4 Star, and he has a Universal Tennis Rating of 12.61.

Gota's parents are Marius and Carmen. Both are physicians at the Cleveland Clinic. His father is an anesthesiologist and his mother is a rheumatologist. Neither of his parents actively plays tennis but Gota's father closely follows the sport and "knows all that there is to know about the sport" by reading tennis books and watching videos. His father was Gota's first coach.

Paul Gota
University School's' Paul Gota - Click to enlarge
Gota was introduced to tennis at six years old, but he did not seriously play the sport until he was eight. That's when he played his first tournament. He has always focused on tennis rather than play other sports.

His strengths are his serve and forehand. His serve would be clocked in the 120-125mph range. He also looks to serve and volley when the opportunity presents itself.

Gota has shown substantial and steady improvement over the last four years. His TennisRecruiting.net (TRN) rankings in 2014, 2015, and 2016 were 230th, 199th, and 139th in the nation, respectively. His TRN ranking is now 76th. He explained, "I think I have really learned how to control my emotions on the court and more importantly I know how to think, how to analyze the situation - tactically, strategically, and technically - and figure out not only the things that I change when I lose a match but having adjustments when I win a match. It has been much clearer mentally for me and I think that has been my biggest improvement."

He has high goals for the season. "First and foremost, I care most about the team tournament. That's where we all want to play our best tennis and I'll be playing someone like Robert [New Albany's Cash] at that time of the year. I also have my individual goals and I do want to win singles in the State tournament. I had a rough start to the year. I wasn't playing my best tennis in the transition from indoor to outdoor [tennis], but now I'm starting to get the hang of it."

Paul Gota
Paul Gota - Click to enlarge
In fact, Gota's match (and loss) against Solon's Vlad Rotnov earlier in the season was a turning point for him. It put Gota into "another gear." "I started logging everything that I was doing every single day. Every day I came to tennis with a piece of paper and I wrote down what I was working on. When I went home, I thought about what else I should put on there and what else I could take off." ... "I felt like I needed to lose pretty badly to wake up. The first time that I played Vlad - he beat me down - it wasn't even close." [Rotnov beat Gota 6-2, 6-1 on April 25 and then Gota defeated Rotnov, 6-3, 6-4, in the Sectional seeding round on May 11.]

Gota is a math-science guy. He took four AP courses at University School. His favorite was AP Calculus.

Gota selected the University of Notre Dame but he was also looking at Ohio State and a school that no one likes or cares about (university of michigan). Gota has already been accepted into Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business. Notre Dame loses just two seniors and has three other highly regarded incoming freshmen, but Gota hopes to "crack the line-up." Note that St. Ignatius graduate, Nathan Griffin, is also a member of the Notre Dame team.

Outside of tennis, he said that "I really love working out. That's one of those things that I do every day. I love lifting and that is obviously extremely conducive to not only being healthy but also to high performance in tennis, so those two things go hand-in-hand." Being with friends before they all leave for college is also important to him.

Of the various social networks, he uses Twitter (@PaulGota) and Facebook (for a college group at Notre Dame), but mainly Instagram. He also uses OhioTennisZone just as all courteous OTZ interviewees say they do.

This summer he hopes to be able to compete at the USTA National Championships in Kalamazoo. He last competed there when he was in the B16's.

Gota added "I am counting down the number of days to States." Today that number is eleven.

The Northeast District was the first to release their draws yesterday. The web pages on which the draws will be posted are linked to above. The Central and Northwest Districts are also now available.

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Sectionals Are Completed

It was perfect weather for the Sectional Seeding round. OTZ went to the Hilliard Davidson-wind tunnel where fans are encouraged to bring rope to tie down their cars, especially if they have light cars, but conditions were perfect at Davidson as well. Now everyone anxiously awaits the District Draws which should hopefully be released tomorrow morning.

John Purnode
Granville's John Purnode - Click to enlarge
Among the top players, Mason's Saiprakash Goli defeated Mason's Niraj Komatineni; Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel beat Cincinnati Country Day's Kevin Yu; Turpin's Grant Wendel defeated St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur; Seven Hills' Nicholas Williams beat Badin's Connaughton; Olentangy's Stu Brdicka defeated Dublin Coffman's Bryan Yoshino; and
Wellington's Connor Biernat beat Wellington's Trevor Ball. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

OTZ will start reviewing draws from the Southwest, Northeast, and Northwest District today for OTZ member results to include those results online.

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Sectional Seeding Rounds Today

Congratulations to the boys who made it to Districts. The Sectional seeding rounds take place today. In OTCA Tournament play, Hawken beat Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy to reach the finals of the Northeast District D2. Click on OTZ OTCA Draws for the most recent results.

JJ Wolf
OSU's JJ Wolf - Click to enlarge

In addition to high school tennis, the NCAA's are now in gear. The Ohio State Men played and defeated Butler yesterday and the OSU Women play Buffalo today at noon. To monitor all of the action, click on SLAM.TENNIS.

SLAM.TENNIS is brought to you by the same people who offer TennisRecruiting.net.

There are several more JJ Wolf photos on Twitter @OhioTennisZone. There are also two photos of Lexington grad, Mason Dragos, who plays for Butler.

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Boys Sectionals Beat the Weather

Wet weather delayed the start of the Central District Sectionals for about one and half hours, but gray skies eventually switched to partly sunny skies by the end of the day. It was a great call by the Central District not to delay the tournament when it appeared on Wednesday night that it would be a complete rainout.

Nick Roden
Buckeye Valley's Nick Roden - Click to enlarge

As prior-year OTZ readers know, this is the busiest day of the season for data entry. (The Columbus Dispatch has two and half columns of agate-type results.) Watch for the scores to be databased before I leave for Skyline for lunch.

Scores for the Central Sectional are now online. Scores for two of the Southwest District are also online. [Updated: 11:23am]

As the other Sectionals complete their play, those scores will also be added for OTZ Members.

While waiting for the Sectional results, click to read the article about the Ohio State Women's Tennis team written by Bill Rabinowitz. This the first time that I recall the OSU Women's tennis team being the featured story on the Columbus Dispatch sports page.

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Mason > St. X | Bexley > Wellington | Sycamore > Turpin

There were several bigger than huge OTCA matches played yesterday. This was surprising because these matches were played on the eve of Sectional play. There were 13 matches recorded and six were played in Central and seven were played in the Southwest District. The OTCA matches included: Bexley defeated Wellington; Seven Hills beat Summit Country Day; Sycamore defeated Turpin; and Mason beat St. Xavier. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

The Central District starts its Sectionals today, but they are delayed until 10am. Of course, always check with your coach for the latest information.

Upper Arlington
Upper Arlington - Click to team page
Among the top players, Mason's Niraj Komatineni defeated St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur; Turpin's Grant Wendel defeated Sycamore's Noah Stern; Dublin Coffman's Bryan Yoshino defeated Worthington Kilbourne's Gordon Liu; Wellington's Connor Biernat defeated Bexley's Christian Roddy; Sycamore's Nathan Zhang defeated Turpin's Ethan Caruso. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Upper Arlington. They are coached by Will Thieman. They are Team Members. They are led by Jack Zelezny, Josh Cole, and Jack Hughes.

If the weather holds, Sectionals will be played throughout the State.

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Sectionals Underway

Sectionals began in the Southwest and Northeast Districts yesterday. OhioTennisZone subscribes to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Columbus Dispatch, and results from those newspapers will be included on OTZ. If the results are not in one of these newspapers, OTZ will retrieve the results for the later rounds from the Sectional draw sheets for only the OTZ members. To reduce the chance of double entries, it is better to wait until all of the matches are recorded for that Sectional. Always feel free to contact OTZ with any questions via Feedback or via email.

There were nine dual matches recorded from state-wide play. Eight matches were recorded from Central and one from the Southwest. One key Central OTCA match, New Albany versus St. Charles. was rained out. The close, 3-2 matches were Olentangy defeated Dublin Scioto and Big Walnut beat Delaware Hayes. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Dublin Jerome
Dublin Jerome - Click to team page
Among the top players, Hilliard Bradley's Mitchell Thai defeated Columbus Academy's Austin Lawrence; Seven Hills' Nicholas Williams beat Wyoming's David Keller; and Olentangy's Alex Konstan defeated Dublin Scioto's Joseph Hill.

Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Dublin Jerome. They are coached by Ken Berlin. They are led by Ryan Worthen, Noah Schneider, and Anish Patel.

Miami Valley is an OTZ Top Ten school but it was difficult to evaluate their performance because of the lack of posted match results. As an experiment, their results for the entire season are now online.

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St. Xavier Beats Indian Hill | St. Charles Defeats Columbus Academy

Ohio returned to perfect weather yesterday. Hopefully Ohio will have good weather for Sectionals because there are far too many pairings in the first round to go indoors. From last night, there were 20 matches recorded from state-wide play. The breakdown by District was: Central - 14, Southwest - 4, and Northeast - 2. The close, 3-2 matches included: Delaware Hayes defeated Thomas Worthington; New Richmond beat Madeira; Dublin Coffman defeated Bexley; Watterson beat Worthington Kilbourne; St. Charles defeated Columbus Academy; Andrews Osborne beat Lake Ridge Academy; and St. Xavier defeated Indian Hill. In the OTCA Tournament, University School defeated North Canton Hoover. In the GMC, Mason won four of the five flights over Sycamore. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Click above for updated Ohio Tennis Coaches Association Tournament results.

Hilliard Bradley
Hilliard Bradley - Click to team page

The Top Players / Watch Lists were re-shuffled last night. The lists were also updated with the college choices for many players. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Among the top players, University School's Paul Gota defeated North Canton Hoover's Andrew Triner; Mason's Niraj Komatineni beat Sycamore's Noah Stern; St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur defeated Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel; Mason's Saiprakash Goli beat Sycamore's Nathan Zhang; Dublin Coffman's Bryan Yoshino defeated Bexley's Mark Nudelman; Olentangy Orange's Jordan Phelps beat Dublin Scioto's Joseph Hill; Granville's John Purnode defeated Watkins Memorial's Braden Clear; Westerville North's Daniel Mayotte beat Pickerington Central's Jacob Scott; Mason's Shashank Reddy defeated Sycamore's Regis Liou; and Indian Hill's Christiano Lima beat St. Xavier's Max DeCurtins.

Today's featured team is Hilliard Bradley. They are coached by Donna Long. They are led by Mitchell Thai.

Today's matches include: Columbus Academy (A) versus Hilliard Bradley; Kettering Fairmont (H) versus Archbishop Alter; Olentangy (H) versus Dublin Scioto; and Wyoming (H) versus Fenwick. To view all of the matches scheduled, click List of Upcoming Matches.

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Photo Day | Sectional Week

Brace yourself. The photos are up-to-date. Finally. There were 46 photos added yesterday on top of the approximate 75 photos posted earlier in the season. Click to view. Since it is sooo time consuming to travel to, take, process, and database the photos, OTZ has shifted to more of a quality over quantity approach this year. I am posting only what I think is the best photo of your son. (Occasionally, there might be two.) If you would like to purchase a photo of your son, and you think I may have more photos of him. You might be right. Contact OTZ via Feedback or email to request to view more photos. However... If you request to view more photos, then you are committing yourself to purchase at least one photo.

Lancaster - Click to team page
These OTZ digital photos may be used anywhere you wish, plus they are added to your son's OhioTennisZone Player Profile. They are also available for everyone to view under the Most Recently Viewed Photos and under the team photos. I will assist you if you have any questions on how to add them to TennisRecruiting.net.

If you really truly absolutely love your son, then there is no better way of showing this than to buy a great photo of him while playing his favorite sport. Note that these photos also make great Mother's Day presents. For a limited time only, OTZ will also provide a 5x7 print for each digital photo that you purchase. Click to Buy a Photo. Photos are only $19.99, plus sales tax, and the price per photo decreases as you purchase more.

The Top Photos were also updated. Great photos have these traits in common: sharp focus, eye-on-ball concentration, some sunlight (but not too much), and a non-distracting background. The background is really important. No one likes to see a porta john in the background. No one likes Upper Arlington signs in the background. (This is a hint for today's OTZ Twitter poll question.) Those players wearing hats also rarely make the list. Photos taken in the middle of the day rarely make the list (unless there is light cloud cover). Click to view the Top Boys photos of 2016, 2015, and 2014. Click to see the video sideshow of the Best Photos of 2016. Always play OTZ videos in high resolution mode.

It is also worthwhile to note that it is never (ever) ok to use a photo from OhioTennisZone and share it anywhere else. Unless you purchase a photo from OhioTennisZone, then that photo can only be viewed on OhioTennisZone.

Sectionals start this week. They kick off in the Northeast District on Tuesday. Most of the rest of the state begins on Thursday.

Today's featured team is Lancaster. They are coached by Gary Elick. They are led by Braeden Kennedy.

Kettering Fairmont (H) versus Miami Valley; Dublin Coffman (A) versus Bexley; Dublin Jerome (A) versus Olentangy; and Dublin Scioto (A) versus Olentangy Orange. Sycamore and Mason players will also be competing against each other in the GMAC tournament. To view all of the matches scheduled, click List of Upcoming Matches.

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St. John's Jesuit Beats Ottawa Hills

The day got off to a slow start for many areas of the state, but there were still numerous matches and tournaments. In dual matches, St. John's Jesuit defeated Ottawa Hills; Upper Arlington beat Pickerington North; and Fenwick defeated Badin. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

In league play, St. Xavier won its 50th straight Greater Catholic League title, and St. John's Jesuit won its thirteenth league championship in a row. Findlay was second.

Ronit Hiryur
St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur- Click to enlarge
Among the top players, Upper Arlington's Jack Zelezny defeated Pickerington North's Grant Schroeder; St. Francis DeSales' Leroux beat St. John's Jesuit's Alan Alan Fahoury; St. John's Jesuit's Alan Fahoury defeated Ottawa Hills' James Schwann; Badin's Noah Connaughton beat Fenwick's Dylan Sagan; Upper Arlington's Josh Cole defeated Pickerington North's Keen and St. John's Jesuit's Dev Laungani beat Findlay's Matthew Munoz. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur received the most Twitter votes and won the OTZ Skywalker award to commemorate #MayTheFourthBeWithYou day. Hiryur received 47% of the 88 votes. Westerville Central's Michelle Cardwell was second with 27%.

I finished the photo processing (cropping, color correction) yesterday. The databasing will be done today. Look for more photos tomorrow. I really mean it this time. Really.

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Sycamore Beats Indian Hill

Yesterday was a quality, not a quantity day. There was just one match recorded but it was a great match. Sycamore defeated Indian Hill by the score of 4-1.

Dublin Coffman
Dublin Coffman - Click to team page
Among the top players, Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel defeated Sycamore's Noah Stern; Sycamore's Nathan Zhang defeated Indian Hill's Anay Gautham; and Sycamore's Regis Liou defeated Indian Hill's Mrinal Singh. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Dublin Coffman. They are coached by Brett Hundertpfund. They are Team Members and they are led by Bryan Yoshino, Robby Berling, Pratheek Gandhodi, and Brisket the Wonder Dog (animated gif).

Dublin Coffman tentDublin Jerome tent
Dublin Coffman vs. Dublin Jerome - Click to enlarge
In addition to their tennis skills, Dublin Coffman is also the Dublin school for master tent builders. Please refer to the pictures to the right. Please note that it is never, ever OTZ's intention to diminish a school's tent building ability, or lack thereof..

TennisRecruiting.net is having their first May Madness Bracket Challenge to pick the NCAA champions. Even though you will lose to the OTZ staff, click to pick your favorites.

Call ahead before going to a match. Some schools may have been a bit too quick to cancel tennis matches today.

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St. Xavier Beats Turpin

The weather did not cooperate yesterday and today looks bad as well. Only seven matches were recorded from state-wide play. The breakdown by District was: Central - Nada, Southwest - 5, and Northeast - 2. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Indian Hill
Indian Hill - Click to team page
Despite the weather, there were still several good individual matches. Among the top players, Turpin's Grant Wendel defeated St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur; University School's Paul Gota beat Kenston's Grossman; Mason's Saiprakash Goli defeated Fairfield's Jacob Heyser; Hawken's Ryan Leizman beat Geneva's Ernst; and St. Xavier's Max DeCurtins defeated Turpin's Ethan Caruso.

Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Indian Hill. They are coached by Wade Ward. They are Team Members. They are led by Andrew Pregel and Christiano Lima.

The Ohio Tennis Coaches Association released its poll yesterday. Click to read OTCA Coaches' Poll.

OTZ Twitter PollIn honor of Star Wars, OTZ created a poll on Twitter to identify Ohio's best high school "Skywalker". Click to see the contestants. Click to vote. St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur is currently leading the vote.

The Cincinnati Enquirer does a very nice job of including tennis articles in its flagship newspaper. Click to read Scott Springer's articles about the GCTCA Tournament and Indian Hills.

Today's matches include: Sycamore (H) versus Indian Hill; Columbus Academy (H) versus New Albany;  Dublin Jerome (H) versus Bexley; and Olentangy (A) versus Gahanna. To view all of the matches scheduled, click List of Upcoming Matches. Always check with a coach or player before going to a match.

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Mason Defeats Indian Hill | Solon Beats St. Ignatius

The Sectional draws are now posted for the Southwest and Northeast Districts. The players who OTZ believes have the best chance of getting to States will eventually be included in the May 1st summary below.

There were 25 matches recorded from state-wide play. The breakdown by District was: Central - 25, Southwest - 7, and Northeast - 4. There were quite a few close, 3-2 matches. They included: Bloom-Carroll defeated Fisher Catholic; Buckeye Valley beat Hilliard Darby; Dublin Scioto defeated Olentangy Liberty; Fenwick beat Archbishop Alter (three 3-setters); Kettering Fairmont defeated Milton-Union; Amherst Steele beat Oberlin; Olentangy defeated Hilliard Davidson; and DeSales beat Centennial. In other significant matches, Mason defeated Indian Hill; Solon beat St. Ignatius; and St. Charles defeated Dublin Coffman. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Kettering Fairmont
Kettering Fairmont - Click to team page
Among the top players, Mason's Niraj Komatineni defeated Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel; Solon's Vlad Rotnov beat St. Ignatius' Josh Hsia; Olentangy's Stu Brdicka defeated Hilliard Davidson's Justin Wingenfield; St. Charles' Jack Dabek beat Dublin Coffman's Robby Berling ; Kettering Fairmont's Murad Nawaz defeated Milton-Union's Phillip Brumbaugh; Westerville North's Daniel Mayotte beat Lancaster's Braeden Kennedy; Bay's Adam Krueger defeated Rocky River's Wang; Mason's Saiprakash Goli beat Indian Hill's Pablo Guzman; and Solon's Luke Qin defeated St. Ignatius' Sicliano. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Kettering Fairmont. They are coached by Matt Hughes. They are Team Members. They are led by Murad Nawaz, Jacob Haas, and Tyler Juhasz.

Today's matches include: Upper Arlington (A) versus Columbus Academy; Hawken (H) versus Brecksville; Turpin (A) versus St. Xavier; and Cincinnati Country Day (H) versus Summit Country Day. To view all of the matches scheduled, click List of Upcoming Matches.

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Upper Arlington Beats St. Charles | Seven Hills Defeats CCD

Finally, Ohio spring weather returns. There were 28 matches recorded under cloudy skies from state-wide play. The breakdown by District was: Central - 17, Southwest - 9, and Northeast - 2.

Seven Hills vs CCDThe close, 3-2 matches included: Granville defeated Pickerington Central; Talawanda beat Colerain; Seven Hills defeated Cincinnati Country Day using the line-up listed to the right; Olentangy beat Bexley; Westerville North defeated Big Walnut; Hamilton Township beat West Jefferson; and Wellington defeated Dublin Coffman. In other prominent matches, Upper Arlington defeated St. Charles and Mason beat Covington Catholic. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Beechcroft - Click to team page
Among the top players, Mason's Niraj Komatineni defeated Covington Catholic's Anthony Bosch; Upper Arlington's Jack Zelezny beat St. Charles' Jack Dabek; Turpin's Grant Wendel defeated Anderson's William Sultan and Milford's Holden Owens; Seven Hills' Nicholas Williams beat Cincinnati Country Day's Kevin Yu; Olentangy's Stu Brdicka defeated Bexley's Mark Nudelman; Wellington's Connor Biernat beat Dublin Coffman's Robby Berling; Hawken's Stephanie Shulman defeated Gilmour Academy's Bennett Hilkert; and Upper Arlington's Josh Cole beat St. Charles' Vinh Thai. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

Today's featured team is Beechcroft. They are coached by Daphne Hess. They are Team Members. They are led by Godfred Kyei, Henry Bright, and Ali Mojtabaei.

Today's matches include: Indian Hill (H) versus Mason; Cincinnati Country Day (H) versus St. Xavier; Solon (H) versus St. Ignatius; Columbus Academy (A) versus Dublin Coffman; Dublin Jerome (H) versus New Albany; Hawken (H) versus Geneva; Kettering Fairmont (H) versus Milton-Union; Turpin (H) versus Walnut Hills; and Wyoming (A) versus Lakota West.. To view all of the matches scheduled, click List of Upcoming Matches.

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Mason Beats Cincinnati Country Day | Sycamore Defeats St. Xavier

There was a fierce, Hilliard Davidson-like wind yesterday as yet another cold front moved into Ohio. The wind made conditions almost comical -- for the fans -- not the players. There were 23 matches recorded from state-wide play. The breakdown by District was: Central - 12, Southwest - 10, and Northeast - 1. The close, 3-2 matches included: River Valley defeated Jonathan Alder; Batavia beat Amelia; Gahanna defeated Pickerington North; West beat Centennial to win the Columbus City League Championships; Bethel-Tate defeated Blanchester; Indian Hill beat Turpin; and New Richmond defeated Western Brown. In other significant matches, Mason defeated Cincinnati Country Day and Olentangy defeated Wellington. To view all of the results recorded from yesterday, click on Previous Day's Match Results.

Olentangy's Stu Brdicka
Olentangy's Stu Brdicka - Click to enlarge
There were numerous matches between the top players. They included: Hilliard Bradley's Mitchell Thai defeated New Albany's Robert Cash; Sycamore's Noah Stern beat St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryrur; Turpin's Grant Wendel defeated Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel; Mason's Saiprakash Goli beat Cincinnati Country Day's Kevin Yu; Olentangy's Stu Brdicka defeated Wellington's Connor Biernat; Columbus Academy's Austin Lawrence beat Bexley's Mark Nudelman; Cincinnati Country Day's Vishaal Nalagatla defeated Mason's Shashank Reddy; and Turpin's Ethan Caruso beat Indian Hill's Christiano Lima. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest.

A courageous, undisclosed fourth party leaked the Mason D1 Sectional data to OhioTennisZone under the cover of darkness in a Washington DC parking garage early this morning.. This person is now seeking asylum in the Central District. Now that the finger prints have been scrubbed from the document, it is accessible here. Now that the Mason D1 draw is available, it would be great if a Mason D2 could also be provided to OTZ. Please email or submit a Feedback if you can provide said document. Your identity will be protected unless OTZ is promised Peanut M&M's.

Today's matches include: Solon (H) versus Massillon Jackson; St John's Jesuit (H) versus Ottawa Hills; Cincinnati Country Day (A) versus Seven Hills; Dublin Coffman (A) versus Wellington; Dublin Jerome (H) versus Hilliard Davidson; and New Albany (A) versus Olentangy Orange. To view all of the matches scheduled, click List of Upcoming Matches.

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Sectional Draws

The Sectional draws were conducted across the state at 2:00pm on Sunday -- hopefully even in Northwest Ohio. Players who have the best opportunities to get to States are listed below. Summaries for two Districts follow. While all of the locations for the Central District have been posted, that's not the case for the Southwest District. As other draws are released, this blog entry will be updated. All of the draws will be linked to in the table listed above.

Central District D1

Singles: The top players who are competing in singles are: New Albany's Robert Cash, Hilliard Bradley's Mitchell Thai; Olentangy's Stu Brdicka; and Dublin Coffman's Bryan Yoshino.

CCD's Kevin Yu
CCD's Kevin Yu - Click to team page
Doubles: The top doubles players are: Upper Arlington's Jack Zelezny - Josh Cole; New Albany's Nathan Jose - Graeme Green; St. Charles' Jack Dabek - Evan Yakubov; Upper Arlington's Jack Hughes - Jack Schadek; Olentangy Orange's Jordan Phelps - Alex Heiden; St. Charles' Vinh Thai - Quyen Thai; Olentangy Orange's Jordan Phelps - Alex Heiden; and Hilliard Davidson's Chris Codogni - Noah Elliott.

Note that all of the above players are OTZ members. Being an OTZ member, just makes kids better players. (Your performance may vary.) It also helps fund this web site.

Central District D2

Singles: Wellington's Connor Biernat; Wellington's Trevor Ball; Granville's John Purnode.

Doubles: Columbus Academy's Austin Lawrence - Eric Min; Bexley's Josh Meyer - Christian Roddy; Worthington Christian's Ben Kindberg - Chris Tsibouris; Bexley's Mark Nudelman - Leo Schottenstein.

Southwest District D1

Singles: Mason's Niraj Komatineni; St. Xavier's Ronit Hiryur; Mason's Saiprakash Goli; Turpin's Grant Wendel; Sycamore's Regis Liou; Mason's Vishnu Srinath; Kettering Fairmont's Murad Nawaz; Centerville's Josh Giambattista; Miami Valley's Colton Morehart.

Doubles: Sycamore's Noah Stern - Nathan Zhang; Mason's Shashank Reddy - Charlie MacKenzie; St. Xavier's Peter Schulteis - Max DeCurtins; Sycamore's Alex Karev - Varun Kalaiarasan; St. Xavier's Joe Beischel - Cameron Geoppinger.

Southwest District D2

Singles: Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel; Seven Hills' Nicholas Williams; Cincinnati Country Day's Kevin Yu; Badin's Noah Connaughton.

Doubles: Cincinnati Country Day's Vishaal Nalagatla - Justin Baker; Indian Hill's Milan Bhandari - Christiano Lima; Indian Hill's Mack Ellis - Mrinal Singh; Seven Hills' Quinn Shim - Max Yuan; Wyoming's Joseph Kelly - Zach Osha; Miami Valley's Makul Sharma - Niyanth Reddy.

The Mid-State League Tournament was rescheduled for today at Columbus Academy. Today's dual matches include: Mason (H) versus Cincinnati Country Day; Indian Hill (A) versus Turpin; Hawken (H) versus Beachwood; Olentangy (A) versus Wellington; and  Hilliard Bradley (H) versus New Albany. To view all of the matches scheduled, click List of Upcoming Matches.

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