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Fan / Parent / Player: $19.95
Coach Member-ship: $29.95
Enjoy the daily commentary and information on the top local players and college players. Check out the results from each team's most recent match. View the high school pictures and videos. This is appropriate for those who use the web site one to five hours per season.
Same as above but this is for those fans who use the web site more than five hours per season and who understand how this site benefits high school players, the coaches, and the sport of tennis.  
Create a Player Profile report for your player to make it easy to share match results with friends, relatives, and college coaches via Facebook and  
Create a Coach Profile to share your information with others. (Click on the coach's name to view profile.)    
Print a Match Prep Kit report to take to matches so that you are fully informed on both teams.  
View the complete results for all team matches reported in the Columbus Dispatch, Cincinnati Enquirer, and Cleveland Plain Dealer.  
View the full rosters for all teams, including first names, grades, and interest in playing college tennis.  
Access the powerful and comprehensive, "Matrix Report" to quickly evaluate Central, Northeast, and Southwest Ohio teams.  
View "same day" dual match results for those coaches who enter their results via this web site.  
Obtain a list of all upcoming matches over the next two days.  
View the most recently added photos, and the player and team photo areas.  
Quickly report your match scores to OhioTennisZone and/and the Columbus Dispatch with accurate match results and correctly spelled names. These results may now be quickly forwarded via Twitter.    
Monitor other teams' line-ups and create the best line-up to help your team win.    
Obtain all of the information you need to accurately seed your players for end-of-season tournaments and Sectionals.    
Post the team schedule for fans, parents, and relatives.    
Create an end-of-season results report for each player as a memento of the season.  
Obtain an up-to-date list of Ohio high school coaches and their contact information.    

The cost for the 2015 girls season is $19.95 for fans, parents, and players, and $29.95 for high school coaches. For the best value, fans of girls and boys high school tennis may purchase a membership for the entire 2015-16 school year for only $27.95. New for 2015 is a Team Special Deal where the entire varsity team and coach can get Player Profiles and web site access for $99. Examples of the Team Special deal are New Albany and Toledo Notre Dame Academy. Click to view their team pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Did you discontinue the Trial Memberships? Yes. The price is $19.95. If it were $50-75 a season, then it might make sense, but not for $19.95. (It recently cost me over $9 for a meal deal offer at Subway, so relative to other purchases, $19.95 really is a deal). Many members will use this service 20 hours a season. That is about $.75 per hour. That is a far better value than if you went to the movies or purchased books, music, magazines, or newspapers. varies from $12.95 to $22.95 per month. Angies' List is approximately $29 per year. costs $49.95 per year.

For those who cannot afford $19.95, please contact me via Feedback and I will have you do a service project that is associated with my Ohio Graduation Test project. If this web site entertains or informs you for 5-10 hours a season, then you will be asked to spend 5-10 hours of service to help others.

Are you distributing free memberships? Yes. Even though it would be great if I could become a hundred-aire from this effort, this site was created to recognize and benefit the kids. Others who can recognize and benefit the kids include members of the press. If they request memberships, they will be provided memberships free of charge. Hopefully this will promote additional newspaper articles from the press. Note that memberships were free to college coaches, but that is no longer the case. Players who wish to share with college coaches may do so by purchasing a Player Profile. Members of the press need to sign up for the $19.95 membership and then contact me to request a complimentary membership. Members of the press need to refer to this web site at least once a season in their articles, just as this web site provides attribution to newspaper articles..

May I share my membership with others? No, and I do monitor this. Prior to the Player Profile reports, some sharing was permitted but now players can share all of their results via the Player Profile report.

If I join near the end of the season, what will my cost be? It won't decrease. In fact, there were players who joined after the season because they recognized the value of having Player Profiles.