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This is the most effective report to correctly rank Ohio high school teams. The score of each match (i.e. 4-1) does not provide the level of detail necessary to fully evaluate a team. The "percentage of games won" is a far better indication. The example below provides a quick view of how the report appears for each team.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the percentage beside each score? It is the percentage of the total games that the team won during that match. Here is an example of how it should be used. If team A won 80% of the games in a match against team C, and Team B won 55% of its games against team C, then Team A is likely better than Team B. The key is to look at several teams that have played the same team and to use that team as a "Rosetta Stone". Note that when it is a very close match with three-setters, a team can lose the match but still win a greater percentage of games. Also note that it could be an indication of stacking, especially if there are no 3-setters in the contest.

Why are matches listed in red and green? Green matches are wins. The loses are italicized to help those with red-green color blindness.

In what order are the matches? The matches are in chronological order.

What are the links to? The links are an extremely important benefit of this report. Clicking on the hyper-linked schools below the match results will take you to the other schools within this report. Clicking on the hyper-linked school in the header will take you to the team report page.

Why do you have the teams separated by division? Divisions don't matter in tennis. Divisions do matter at the end of the season when coaches vote on the seeding order for the Sectional draw. Some coaches vote strictly based on the won / lost records of teams. That is not an accurate way to assess teams. This report goes far beyond simple won / lost records.

Anything else that I should ask? Yes. The performance of a team can fluctuate based on who is in the line-up. If a key player missed a match because of an emergency outside of a player's control, then that should be taken into consideration. If a player is not in the line-up due to injury, keep in mind that injured players typically do not immediately return to the line-up at full strength.


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