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Purchase Your Own OTZ Tennis Photo

OhioTennisZone provides the best high school tennis photo coverage of any media source. Not only does OTZ publish more Ohio high school photos than any other publication with over 200 photos per season, but it also publishes great, high quality tennis photos.

OTZ knows tennis so it strives to publish dramatic action photos with players using proper form and good "eye-on-ball" technique - often from unique angles.

OTZ is not a "bulk" photo shop that only cares about tennis for one tournament each season. For OTZ, it is not about jumping from court to court with a long lens, holding the shutter down for 20 rapid-fire photos hoping that you'll find one that you like. Instead, OTZ covers the sport as a tennis magazine or tennis-only newspaper would. OTZ goes to over 30 dual matches and tournaments each season throughout Ohio.

OTZ provides coverage for Ohio high school, USTA B16 / B18 National Championships in Kalamazoo, D1 and D3 college tennis, and professional tennis. Some OTZ photos are even requested by professionals to include on their web pages. The good news is that you do not have to be a tennis professional to get an OTZ photo or be a tennis professional to afford one.

OTZ's preferred approach is to sell digital photos. Why? It is easy for buyers to include them on, Facebook, and Twitter. It is also easy to include them in digital picture frames. When you purchase a digital photo, the photo appears on the best Ohio high school tennis web site - OhioTennisZone. Click to view these photos on OTZ via each player's Player Profile (Chas Norman | Maddie Lynch | Andrew Pregel | Irene Norman). Click to view the OTZ photos of Hathaway Brown's Maddie Lynch and Indian Hill's Andrew Pregel on

What happens if you also want a 5x7 print? They are $1.50 each.

You do need to be an OTZ member to view most of the photos so please join if you have not already done so.

If OTZ was at a match taking photos of your player, but you do not see your player's photo online please send a Feedback. There may be a photo available that was not published online.

Interested in a team picture? OhioTennisZone photos are available for sale, but only in 5x7 prints.

Please send a Feedback with any questions. It is also helpful to include the photo file name in the Feedback. Photos and an OTZ membership can quickly be purchased using PayPal or via an over-the-phone credit card payment.


Division I Tennis Coverage

Peter Kobelt - New Albany - Ohio State

Anna Sanford - Olentangy Orange - Ohio State

Chris Diaz - Watterson - Ohio State

Kevin Metka - Worth. Kilbourne - Ohio State


Division III Tennis Coverage

Kyle Gerber - Case Western
Ariana Iranpour - Hath. Brown - Univ. Chicago

Kyle Gerber - St. Charles - Case Western